Saturday, June 9, 2007

time goes fast

Just this morning I read my email and got a message from a former BFA candidate student who I started undergrad with. Her name is Linda and I have not yet responded to her. This is an awesome connect with the past! I think she located me in part by this blog! I will email her within the next several days...once I have a chance to process my appreciation and reintroduction of
being a musical theatre major at Fredonia State in NY! (Any week of being a musical theatre major exceeds the demands and emotional involvent of a month of training for ultras!

If the planets line up and God is willing, I will be finishing up my WS run a little over 2 weeks from now! I do not anticipating being compettive for a win, yet I am striving for top 5. My "injury" revealed itself this week when I experienced a 4 hour evaluation at a gait analysis appt at UVA. earlier this week. All is not lost, yet I have my work cut out for me! More on "what is wrong" in a day or so...yet for now I encourage everyone who has had recurring injury to have someone knowledgeable check out your posture! The essence of my "problem" prob'ly started as a pre-teen trying to suck my gut in...I need to change my posture and biomechanics will follow. Anyone reading this with a chronic or recurring injury...check your posture...sounds too simple-but NO WAY! it might be the truth!