Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the bike!

This photo was taken in downtown Asheville 10 minutes after George just finished our last 50 mile leg of the 200 mile relay...
Just a quick blurb about George and I's team, called "Biking Buddies" experience with the inaugral Black and Blue double century. The ride started at 6am Saturday July 21 and rolled and climbing through 200+ miles to downtown Asheville. George and I formed a 2:2 team-2 people each riding two 50 mile stints. I got the easy end of the deal-with much less climbing than George-yet 100 miles on a bike for a person not in great bike shape is still a challenge!
We really had a great time! 15 teams started. Teams were anywhere from 1 person (4 people rode 200 miles) to 8 people...I think this event deserves to, and will grow! We rode through some beautiful areas-very "off the beaten path" and very representative of riding in WNC. I believe 14 teams finished, with George and I being in 9th place with a time of just about 12:30. Official results will appear son on

What's next? This coming Saturday is a metric century called "Pain, Hurt and Agony"...My self imposed lay off from serious running ends in 2 weeks-I am really starting to miss running, yet it has been good for my psyche to focus on a different physical outlet for a little while!