Friday, December 21, 2007

Registration Open for New River Trail 50k: A "green" event!

New River Trail 50k-This photo taken at what will be mile 5.5 and 25.6 of the race.

In 2008 I am adding Race Directing to my resume of Ultra experiences! Yesterday the website for the New River Trail 50k went online-and we already have several folks registered! (Thanks to Joey and Bedford with guidance on how to create a link!) Registration is at

The course is 100% dirt, flat, FAST and is run completly on the New River Trail in New River State Park out of the Fries, VA entrance. The New River Trail is a rail trail-(photo above). It is out and back along 2 branches of the New River Trail. There will be at least 5 aid stations.

What I am really excited about-and what is proving to be a good challenge, is that this is a "green" event. I have made a commitment that at least 75% of the goods we purchase or are sponsored with are either made locally (within 100 miles of course start), are recyclable/recycled or from companies that have demonstrated committement to lightening their impact on the Earth.

Some of the "green" aspects of the event so far:
-all registered runners get a choice of a Nathan handheld bottle or locally made pottery cup (we are encouraging use of water bottles to cut down on disposable cups at aid stations-and gave the pottery cup option to those of us that already have plenty of handhelds.)
-Finishers shirts will be LS Capilene from Patagonia (view mens:, view women's: may vary!
-All registration is online to do away with paper and fuel used by "snail mail"
-Flowers Bakery of Winston-Salem and Jamestown, NC have agreeed to supply aid station goodies (fig bars, etc)and bread baked in these cities.
-The few flyers that we produce from race promo are being printed on 100% recylced paper.
-Montrail will be providing some of the top finisher prizes (we hope it might be a couple of pairs from the new "green line" to come out in '08!)
-All proceeds from the race will go to The National Committee For The New River

Please share with me your thoughts, ideas and questions that will help make this one of the "first intentionally green ultramarathon in this part of the country!" Last year the Uwharrie Trail Races (including the 40 miler) raised awareness and funds for a carbon offset and do have some expanded "green goals" for this year! Thanks to TrailGoat for pointing this out to me!


Trail Goat said...

Thanks for adding another ultra to the VA schedule and thanks even more for making it a green race. That's a great idea with the water bottle/ceramic cup option. I hope more ultra RDs consider and held their participants consider they and their racing have on the planet. Don't forget Uwharrie in NC. They did a good thing in giving runners the option of purchasing a carbon offset in 2007 and expanding their green goals for 2008 and 2009 - .

annette bednosky said...

Thanks for reminding me about Uwharrie-They are doing good things. I added a blurb to the end of my blog posting, clarifying-Thanks again!

Bedrock said...

Go to the help function on blogger and you can get instructions for a link. Check out my blog, which has the race logo with a link to the site embedded in it. To learn how to do this, search blogger help for "link in logo" or "logo link".

Banyon said...

Annette - I biked with you at the New River Challenge this past year. If you remember me I had a red/orange shirt on and you called me carrot, because you were tring to catch me on the bike and did.
I ended up getting a flat with about 2 miles left before the canoe. I fixed and had a pretty good race, but I could never catch up with you.
Since then I have been following your link which is very encourageing, but humbling.

I have been looking for an ultra to do this coming year to be my first, so I am estatic that you are putting on this race. I am going ahead and put this on my calandar for next year. I will pass the word along up here in Christiansburg/Blacksburg, VA about this race.

Coach Spencer said...

Looks like a good event! I will probably head up there if I can fit it in with my Cross Country schedule. Thanks for adding a race to the regional calendar & for the great blog!

joe said...

Hey Annette, the trailheads are putting on the Little River Trail Run 9mi in Hillsborough, NC this coming weekend. Like the Uwharrie Mtn Run, we are purchasing verified offsets from Driving Green ( It's pretty easy to estimate the C02 emissions if you have addresses for your entrants (see And the folks at Driving Green have been really great and they're even providing a few t-shirts ("I emit no gas") and more information we'll include in our race bags.

joe lea, RD Little River Trail Run

Shannon Price said...

This is my first Ultra!!!!!!! I am fired up!!!!

Coach Spencer said...

I'm tinkering with the idea of this race on Saturday & Swamp Fox Passage 42 Miler in SC on Sunday. It would be my first back-to-back race, but I may need it training for my first 100 at Rocky Raccoon 2009. ...but I guess driving all over the place to race ruins the "green" theme. I did spend 10 years as a full-time rainforest activist, if that offsets anything. Thanks for putting on the race!

Cakmakli said...

Thank you so much for planning a race on the New River Trail. It is a beautiful trail and the river scenery is awesome. Of course I'm a little bias. I grew up on the farm right next to Low Water Bridge and my kin folk live across the river. When the trail was still the railroad the train would sometimes stop behind our place and the crew would use our spring house to get water.

Again, thank you and I can't wait to do this race.

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