Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ultrarunner is a Maid!

For the past 2 months I have been in rehearsal of The Children's Hour at The Ashe County Little Theatre. This past Wed-this afternoon was our run...I had a bit part of Agatha "the maid", yet I enjoyed the experience of being on stage again. (In my former life I studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, have been a professional Magician's Assistant and have performed in numerous college, community and a handful of professional productions!)
I got to work with some very talented folks and am grateful for the experience and happy to have my "life" back...(4+ hours of rehearsal and performance each day sort of gets in the way of sanity after a little while!)
Funny...because as a runner I have been in the "public" eye way more so than when I was a performer...yet I am happy to say that the videos/film/images that capture me as a runner-even when I look "bad" make me proud...because they are "real"
Now: scene change:
Focus on Zane Grey and WS 100 and being healthy and living life!


Bedrock said...

That is way cool. You should put that photo on the Montrail bio site.

Victor said...

Hey Annette-
I came across this blog from a link on Trail Runner mag. A blast from the past- NCOBS maybe 10-12 yrs ago? Remember, Green Cove?

Well, very psyched to see you a competitive runner. Been playing much since those days also, alas not at your level, though maybe having as much fun!

Cool to see your a school counselor as well. Good fit.

Good luck in AZ- never got to Zane GRay (actually run many marathons but no ultras yet)- I hear that's a tough course, indeed.

Well that's all- wishing you well.

annette bednosky said...

Of course I remember you!!!
Thank you for your greetings-I am glad you are having fun too-hard to believe Green Cove was soo many years ago!
Wishing you good things,