Monday, April 27, 2009

24 Hour World Challenge-Bergamo, Italy = less than 5 days from now!

George and I leave Wed 4/29 for Italy. I'll be joining my 4 other female and 6 male teamates on Friday in Bergamo, Italy as we prepare to run the 24-Hour World Challenge!

We will all run a 1133,945 meter (1.113km)or (.7046 mile) loop on asphalt, in the industrial part of Bergamo. It is a closed street course. There are 28 countries represented with 220 runners. I looked at past distances for some of the women and the range is from 160,682 km (99.8 miles) to 239,685km (148.9 miles).

We start running at 10am Italy time on 5/2. That will be 4am EST with the 6 hour time difference.

I am PSYCHED beyond words. The physical prep is less now. No more long runs 'till Sat. As much rest as possible and food and drink in moderation. I am thinking good thoughts and sending energy ahead for those always tough "just before dawn hours." Bright daffodil yellow energy!

To check the progress of the race go here and click on the link.
The host website also has tons of info on the runners, race, etc-though most of it is in Italian!

I am bringing my camera and laptop-so I'll do my best to keep in touch!


Sophie Speidel said...

Go Annette! All your ultra friends will be thinking of you. Run fast, run strong, enjoy every moment.


Anne Riddle Lundblad said...

You go girl!! So glad to have you on the team representing North Carolina. Mark and I will be thinking of you this weekend and sending lots of good vibes your way. May there be wind at your back and a smile upon your face. Have a terrific race!

:-) Anne

runamanda said...

Good Luck to you and your team!! You will do amazing!! I can't wait to track your progress!! RUN STRONG and remember you can do it. "Catch a dream and RUN with it."

David Ray said...

Best of luck to you and the team! Have a great time!!

Rick Gray said...

Annette, I send you all of my well wishes. You really don't need those well wishes, as the rest of the world is getting ready to experience your abilities first hand. They had better watch out for you as you are going to run circles around everyone else. Be patient and run in your controlled Annette style. Your ultra friends will be thinking about you and sending great big wonderful vibes. To you and George, I hope you both have a wonderful and safe trip. Rick

AnthonyP said...

Best of luck to you and the rest of the team !

amy said...

Good luck Annette! Have a great race and enjoy Italy--what a fun adventure!

Anita A Chauvin~Hurst said...

Fly, Annette......Flyyyyyyy!!!

I've been thinking of you and hoping that you'd pop into the gym before you left. However, since y'all are leaving soon and I'll probably not have the opportunity to give you a big ol' hug before you go.....

Know this, my Heart goes with you and I'll be looking for your safe Victorious return home! ;D

And, when the wings on your feet are tired, sore and in need of a let me know, ok?!

Fly Annette.........FLY!!!

Much Love and Admiration,

OhYeah~ Your not~so~Ultra friends will be thinking of you too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Annette! Hello! Ryan Finch here (from ASU). I googled you and found this page!

For your next race, I wish you courage, rhythm and attention to breath. oh, yeah, and laughs!

I will catch up with you when you return.

Bon voyage! buono viaggio! good travels!

Hope you get to eat some artichokes in italy. yumyumyum. I think they might be in season.

Kim said...

Best of luck in Italy!!

Anonymous said...

I will run for you twice during your 24 hour race and focus my mind on absorbing your fatique. I am so proud of you and your accomplishment. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the ride! Bob and I will be following you.
You mentioned being inspired by the color yellow because of the daffidils you saw on your run the other day. Makes me think of the song "yellow" by coldplay! Maybe you can listen to it to help with inspiration.
Love ya girl!!
carrie anne

ncultra said...

Annette, your dorsal fin will emerge and you will run far beyond your Freedom Park Run and amaze yourself and all your fans. Anything is possible.

Tom Meldrum said...

Good luck Annette.

I have a side bet on Jamie's mileage - do you think you could arrange some bribes for me? I hear they are still big in Italy!

Seriously - the very best of luck.

Link to live updates on IAU website via:

runjoey said...

Run Great Annette and have a wonderful time in Italy. I'm proud to know you because your an even better person than you are a runner.

Franchesca said...

lynnette and i want to send many well wishes for the race. we hope you are feeling good and ready to kick some butt! we hope you have an amazing run and reach your goal.

Doug Dawkins said...

GO GO GO Annette! I'm pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

The race must be over now, and we are so excited to hear about it! We've been sending our joyous energy to you throughout the race! Have a fantastic time in Italy while y'all are there! See you soon, Wendy and Todd

joel said...

bonjour annette c'est joel qui ta encourager aux 24h bisous

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Bergamo airport car hire said...

Good luck and run as fast as you can