Sunday, April 18, 2010

8 Days of Recovery 2010!

George and I in "self portrait" mode this afternoon  at the top of Elk Knob (after waking from a nap!)

After Mad City 100k ‘s  efforts last weekend I took the next 8 days to relish being in “non-training” mode. I vowed not to be attached to running or any sort of time and would just rest/run/gym/pool time as seemed right…(...well I did kinda get sucked into times at a local fundraising 5k). The race  was  to support research for Huntington’s Disease which has affected George and I ‘cause our long time friend and kindred spirit of adventure, Ron Dawson  who is around 50, has inherited the disease from his dad.

 For me this week, recovery meant:
  • Hike to Elk Knob-NC's newest state park (more photos below)
  •  Time this week in the garden. 

  • Cooking real meals all week!
  • Had a chiropractic adjustment
  • Cleaned the bathrooms and did all laundry
  • Attended to 2 Ashe County High School Track Meets.
  • Ate yummy George created waffles this am!
  • Swam 3x in pool for fun!
  • Worked out in the gym 1x because I wanted to see “old” friends!
  • Spent almost 30 minutes all together exploring facebook!

Sigh. I am rested and content and CAN NOT wait to start training again! Next up is Ice Age 50M…
I am finally starting to learn the value of real recovery and am growing less scared to take the time to mentally and physically take a break...and it is a good thing!

If anyone is looking for a trail companion on Sat 4/24 to run a good 2 hours on trails on the Iron Mtns or Doughton Park…please let me know. Starting time on Sat: earlier the better! 

Amazing view from top of Elk Knob looking towards Grandfather Mountain!

I know many of my dear ultrarunning friends will be at David Horton's awesome Promise Land 50k on Saturday….Best wishes to you all!


Sara said...

Glad you are taking some down time to rest & recover & enjoy time with the hubbie!! I did some of that today! Gorgeous weekend!

I always am impressed with your devotion to the training & your energy - contagious and inspiring.

Rick Gray said...

So glad to hear that you are relaxing and enjoying some down time. Rest and relaxation is so important!

rtfgvb763 said...

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