Friday, June 25, 2010

Western States 100 2010 countdown to start

Montrail East Coasters goofing around at photo shoot today: Me, David Horton and  Jill Perry 

The hours are counting down to the 2010 WS 100 mile. I am very excited. A bit nervous and looking forward to the grand adventure! This afternoon we had a Montrail photo shoot near the start area-it was fun to have so many of us together all at 1x! I wish I could have gotten a photo of the entire gang!
After the photo shoot, we all made our way to the mandatory race briefing. It was chilly! Reaching 60 degrees as a high and drizzling at times...Notice the long sleeves! (I wore 2 jackets, warm hat and pajama pants under my skort!
Patient, chilly runners await the briefing 

Looking west and up towards the snow where we'll be headed to in several hours
The event will have timely webcasts starting at 5am tomorrow...I am #28 and my squinty mugshot follows...

Please send good vibes! This will surely be another adventure!


shel said...

hope you didn't spend too much time heat training! crewing ya'll with prayers... good luck team montrail. thanks for posting that great pic of jill too! go get em gals!!

imtheguz said...

Following you & Jill at! Best of luck out there!

jenn said...

WOOOOOOOO!!! GO ANNETTE!!! following you, cheering you on!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! GO GET IT!!

kale6291 said...

Amazing effort out there sweetie. Congratulations on yet another silver buckle. :-)

Sara said...

Wow!!! Awesome.

I cannot wait for the race report