Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maritza Greene and the 2010 Dark Mountain Challenge!

Maritza announcing awards at 2009 Dark Mountain Challenge

The High Country of North Carolina and it’s surrounding foothills is known for it’s beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. The area is also become established as an endurance athlete’s destination dream. (OK, I am biased as I have lived in the “High Country”and relished it’s opportunities for almost 18 years!) 

Though I mostly blog about running and ultra running, I couldn’t let a chance go by to briefly speak with Maritza Greene who is a tough cookie athlete, qualifier for World Championship duathlon and currently race director for The Dark Mountain Challenge, 10/16-17/ 2010. The Dark Mountain Challenge has several options over the course of one or two days: Anything from a paddling off-road triathlon, duathlon or trail running races. (Sorry Ultra Runners lengths top out at 17 miles! ...yet you could always remove your bib  and go to a 2nd repeat!... Or, it could be a fun day with family who would enjoy the water or bike trails as you are out frolicking on a run! 

I certainly plan to be out there on the 17 miler! (And will likely "warm-up" for an hour or so beforehand to get my scheduled time on feet") Come join me! I ran the course last year and and had a great time with excellent folks!
Gail Leedy and I. We met at Maritza's race last year. Gail is fun and tough!

I have known Maritza, the RD of this event for years. Maritza is 49 years old, a talented athlete, cool chick and great role model for all ages. She works mostly as a physical therapist and recently was invited to the USA duathlon team! She kindly agreed to a quick interview so I could learn and share at least a tiny bit of what makes this amazing woman tick!

Maritza and I at SpringMaid Splash a couple weeks ago!
 AB: Maritza, you are a fixture in the Boone, NC community as an endurance athlete. How long have you been an athlete and what makes you tick in this way?

MG: I have been an avid cyclist and runner for over 20 years.  I love the outdoors and believe one should, in one form or another, enjoy what God has richly blessed us with.  As a therapist, I also understand the important role exercise and our diet plays in maintaining the healthiest life possible.  I want to know I have done the best I can for my self and not task the health care system.

AB: Do you have a favorite sport of choice?

MG: My favorite sport is cycling because I get to spend several hours visiting with cycling friends.
Running is my spiritual in the woods time-R & R time. 

AB: Very cool! What keeps you motivated?

MG: Being part of competitions just keeps me goal oriented.  I believe everyone should set goals through out their life time.  Little goals or big goals-keeps me motivated to move forward. When I meet a goal it empowers me to be bold and step up the next goal and challenge-I guess this is why I compete. 
AB: I love hearing about your athletic part of life...AND I understand recently you and your hubbie have become business owners! Please tell us about that!

MG: Opening up Scoops Cafe is a dream and a goal I have had for several years.  We wanted to have a place where we could do mission fund raisers and give folks an opportunity to give, to help kids in need.  We also wanted to offer folks a cheerful place to hang out while enjoying yummy food that makes them smile. 
Scoops Cafe (Yummy!) Energetic daughter, Maritza and hubbie, Eddie

 AB: As a PT, what are some of your best injury-prevention words of wisdom?

MG: My best injury prevention advice is too listen to your body, if you are physically fatigue you are setting yourself up for injury.

AB: Thank you soo much Maritza! If I don't see you before, We'll meet again at Dark Mountain!

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