Monday, November 1, 2010


My uniform gets to stay in the box this year.
The following is an email I sent to Team USA last night:

Hello almost-teammates!

I have to withdraw from the race. Huge bummer and very unexpected. I am hurt.
In a nutshell: Under the supreme tutelage of Howard Nippert up 'till
10 days ago I was running faster and stronger than ever before....
(thank you Howard)....

Yet out of nowhere during a track workout on 10/19...Things started to
go downhill. At first I thought it a silly tweak and switched land
running to pool running for a few days....didn't help. I have visited
my PT and 2 chiropractors and we have yet to determine the issue...

A week later, I had not improved (gotten worse, sadly) and limp my way
through a 4.5 mile "run",  and despite my prayers (and begging) to the
universe I am unable to really run. So this morning I emailed Lin and
Timo and Lion (I emailed them last week as a "heads up" ..yet not
really expecting to have to withdraw), and did pull out. (And emailed
again this am, withdrawing...)

I wanted you to hear of my exit from me, rather than someone else.

(If any of you have "pull" with the greater powers of the universe and
can influence the mysterious limitations....I will beg re-admittance
to the team and see you in Gibraltar...)
...I know, wishful thinking...yet what the heck to put it out there?

I really wish for all of you success in the way you all personally
define it and  I hope you all meet on your own possibilities  and I
wish you all patience, passion and the "dorsal fin" at opportune
times... and bring home a USA medal!  I'll be cheering and
channeling enthusiasm from afar!


I'll post more when I know more.


UltraBrad said...

Oh no! Annette, I'm very sorry to hear that! Wishing you a speedy recovery...

jenn said...

my heart literally broke reading your post, annette. Positive energy, thoughts and BIG HUGS sent in your direction over the mtn to Jefferson.
hope to see you soon.



eminnick said...

Hopefully the universe will realign and you will be out on another grand adventure soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Fudge!

Great training and racing always balances on that thin line. I am really disappointed for you and for the US 100k team. As a fan on USA ultra-running you want all you great runners at the World Championship races. The team still has a great chance for a top performance - This just makes it a little harder.

May God bring his healing hand to you!

Michael Henze

Devon said...

DANG! I am so bummed. I hope you recover well and feel better soon. Dang. I am thinking good recovery thoughts for you.

amy said...

Major bummer! So sorry to hear this and I can only imagine how frustrated you are. Sending healing thoughts your way....

Rick Gray said...

I wish I could say that I know just what to say. Something I could say to make you feel better again, but I do not have those words. This is certainly not an easy time, but I can promise you one thing, your teammates and friends know this was not a decision made lightly. You have put your heart into your training and everyone knows that. There are not many people in this world who continue to strive to get the best out of themselves, but you are one of those people. I can guarantee you that your teammates do not feel let down as they know you have given your all. Injuries happen and they never seem to happen at the wrong time. I know it is hard, but try to go easy on yourself. As you have experienced so many times before, these things happen. Begin the healing process so that you can set your next challenge.

Runner Tammy said...

I am so sorry Annette.

You are a champion in my mind and always will be.

I hope your issue resolves itself and you back running the trails again.

Kay said...

Well, that's one less runner for Team GB to worry about then!

I jest.

Truly sorry to hear you've had to pull out in such fashion. Hope you are running comfortably and back to speed again very soon. Rooting for you. Bummed to hear your news.

Sophie Speidel said...

HUGS to you my friend. This is such a bummer. I am sending you happy thoughts and wishing for a fast recovery! xoxoxox

(Mary) Shannon Johnstone said...

Anthony and I can only imagine how disappointing this must be. We are hoping for a miracle cure that will put you back on the team in Gibraltar ASAP! Maybe it will mysteriously disappear just as it came!

Dwight said...

Annette. You will heal. It's more than a bummer but it's just a 'thing'. Determination and experience cannot be underestimated. Get better and you will come back as strong as you want. Nothing can stop you except you.

Dwight said...
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annette bednosky said...

Thank you all for your support my friends!

I'll post again when I have news to share-hopefully something I'll learn that can keep this from happening again-and maybe, just maybe some insight that others can learn from too. I have an appt tomorrow afternoon with someone in Asheville who has been helpful to Anne Lundblad.

Rick Gray said...

We hope you learn something tomorrow. We are all thinking of you.

runjoey said...

Sorry to here you are limping and had to give up your place on the team Annette. Hopefully they can diagnose and treat the problem and you have a quick recovery.

runnerwoman said...

Annette, wishing you a speedy recovery!