Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ron Bednosky becomes a Trail Runner!!!

Ron, far right during the early parts of Seminole Trail Run earlier this month.

A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law Michele

Ron and Michele in more "mainstream" venues this past year!

sent an email which simply stated, “Check out Ron from the Page of Today’s Sport Section and this link: http://www2.highlandstoday.com/content/2011/mar/08/LBNEWSO1-seminole-trail-run-proves-challenging/areasports/ 
The above photo appeared marking the article and all I could think was:

"How cool is that?" (Yay Ron!) Ron just won the Master's division of his first trail race!
My brother, Ron Bednosky lives with Michele and their two kitties in Sebring, Florida.

Kitties: Oldie Felix to the left and crazier Lucy on the right!
He has been running on and off for awhile and enters short races when convenient-yet I think his Master’s win at this trail run was wonderful…and if you look carefully at the photo, you can see his is wearing Montrail’s Fairhavens!

This inaugural trail run took place at nearby Sun ‘N Lake Preserve and attracted around 40 runners. When I heard of Ron’s participation I emailed and he agreed to be “interviewed” for this blog:

A: How long have you been running?
R: I have been running half heartedly for a number of years but started running 5k’s 2 years ago.
A: How much do you run?
R: I try to run 2 times a week, usually 3 miles each.
A: How much have you ever run at one time?
R: 3.2 miles!
A: What made you choose to run this new trail race?
      R: I got a flyer from a 5k that I ran  2 weeks before this one, sounded like fun and thought of my Sister
      A: What were you pleased about?
      R: I was pleased that it was a small field and I had a chance to do ok
      A: What would you do over if you could?
R: Run faster!
Closing in to the finish line at Seminole Trail 5k.

A: You won the Master's category! (Congratulations!!!) What did it feel like to be a Champion?
      R: Well, it was the first time I've been referred to as a "Master" but it felt good to place 
      A: What do you eat before a race?
R: I usually just have a banana and a cereal bar before a race
A: Do you prefer road or trail?
R: I think I like the road races better, I guess that's what I'm used to...
A: What sort of outdoor activities do you like to do?
       R: I enjoy canoe and kayak tripping, cycling, fishing, hiking, working outside.
Ron paddling a canoe he made in his garage!

George took this photo of Ron last year on a trip they took together...And YES, Ron made this kayak!
Ron doesn't let pouring rain stop his cool adventures!
A: What is your "real" job?
R: I drive an Engineering transporter for Honda in the IndyCar series, it keeps me on the road alot, but I enjoy it.
Evidence of his real job: Ron drives this truck across the country several times a year!
A: What is on your "ipod" play list?
R: Well, I have a total of 13633 songs on my Ipod( thanks to DJ brother in law) so alot of stuff I'm not sure of, but every Rush song recorded is on there!
A: Wine or beer?
R: Beer, then wine
A: Hammock or "doing stuff"
R: Doing stuff, but of course not neglecting the hammock too.
A: What shoes did you wear to race?
R: Montrail Fairhaven
A: Please share 5 parts of a perfect day!
R: Canoeing, no wind, hungry fish, campfire, nice sunset
A: Wow! Thanks Bro for talking with me! You are always having cool, new adventures…and I wish you many perfect days!


Rick Gray said...

How exciting Annette. I know your heart skipped a beat when you heard about his trail race. Congratulations to Ron.

chris mcpeake said...

great stuff. Got to try and convert those road runners to trail one runner at a time