Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seriously, not ...real, yes!

All ages participated in this mornings fine adventure!
After weeks of intense mental and some long miles training (including 27.5 miles on pavement yesterday) readying for WC 100km on 4/22, this morning I got the awesomest break and stress reliever
I am proud to say I participated in the 1st ever: Jimmy Smith Park 5km in Boone, NC on April Fools Day! Many folks thought this was just a joke with humorous banter via Facebook for the last 4 weeks. Runners showed up doubting it's existence= yet we thrived!

Jimmy Smith Park and honoree is real...he's done GREAT things!
The event started out as a kinda joke, yet artistic director/race director Sean Dunlap, seized the interest and created a real fund raiser for a Math Scholarship Fund!
Awesome model/volunteer sporting the 2012 brand shirt!
Ray's Weather donated funds to supply 31 synthetic shirts for the 1st 31 folks to register for this free adventure. No entry fee, yet donations very welcome!

Jimmy Smith Park is a itty bitty park with a few rocks, plaque, benches and not enough room for a trash can. The paved loop sidewalk equals .1 mile, so Sean calculated 31 laps would equal 3.1 miles! Makes sense!

Each runner received a little baggy of poker chips! Coolnes
The race was complete with chip timing! Each runner received 6 poker chips. After 5 laps we would throw our chips into the bin and then when we had no more chips, we knew all we had was one "victory lap" to prance through!

Photo taken yesterday in serious mode, post 27.5, trying to figure out best shorts to wear for WC 100km on 4/22!
Yesterday during my 27.5 mile run, I practiced wearing a version of Team USA Uniform and took the run seriously.

Today I decided to go "180" and have total fun: I wore a 2 piece swimsuit, winter hat with ear flaps and with a magic marker asked RD Sean to write JSP 50k;) across my middle!
Wayne (and myself), the eventual speedy champion, flashing down the route!

Post run, with my magic marker showing!
I have no idea of my time or of how many laps I actually ran, yet had a blast! This fed my soul for fun in a beautiful way!

Today: Attire: 2 piece WaterPro Swimsuit, DryMax socks, Montrail Rogue Flys, Moeben armwarmers, Patagonia glove liners, hat found for $5 at TJMaxx , Sharpie magic marker!

(I did change clothes and go out for a very easy 5 miles post this fine adventure-yet this is the kinda thing that helps fuel my soul!) Thank you Sean and kindred spirit friends!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. Glad it was fun.

Aldo said...

As always, love your blog, & especially your enthusiasim! Hoping for the best at the worlds. Alan & Robin.

Anonymous said...

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