Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday running thoughts

This picture is a “self portrait” taken on Thanksgiving-which was my 42nd birthday. I had just returned from a leisurely 12 mile solo trail run in Fairystone State Park in VA. (I even ran into a tree and got a little blood flowing!)

Thsi past year was a challenge. I was often frustrated as I couldn’t run much. I did my first stint as a race director. In my work, I have been challenged to stay positive amidst the politics of public education…I am appreciative of George and my family and the rest of my health. I think my body is healing and I am looking forward to my 2009 calendar.

Last night I sat at my computer staring at my wish list of races and places and felt daunted.

The feeling daunted came from all the choices about ultra and trail runs. A big part of me is soo very greedy: I want to go everywhere, run all the time and not miss out on anything. Yet that is not going to happen. Job, family, finances, body limitations and other responsibilities must balance my running life. Finding greater balance between ultrarunning and rest of life is a big priority for this next year in my life.

My goals for 2009, in additional to staying healthy is to do different sorts of races. And, because I have run very little technical terrain for the past 8 months, to concentrate on more mellow trail terrain for my ’09 races (no Massanutten rocks or Uwharrie roots) and building those muscles back over time. I also will volunteer more at events and find ways to train with friends and companions more often.

I want to run at least 1 Montrail Ultra Cup 08/09 race this year, 1 hundred miler, do my 1st 24 hour event and train for a fast 50k properly. These in addition to several other fine events…

This is what is currently on my “wish list” for ’09:

New Year’s Eve Freedom 6 Hour Run, 12/31/08-1/1/09, Morganton, NC
Frosty 50 km, 1/10, Winston-Salem, NC
Caumsett Park 50 km, 3/1, Long Island
American River 50 M, 4/4, Saramento, CA
24-Hour Adventure Trail Run, 5/2-3, Triangle, VA
Vermont 100, 7/18-19, West Winsor, VT
Tussey Moutainback 50M or Hinson Lake 24 (late Sept or early October).
New River Trail 50k 10/10 (race directing)
Mountain Masochist 50M, 11/7,Lynchburg, VA
JFK 50M, 11/21, Maryland

I am not sure about MMTR and JFK…I will have a few months to consider. As I get ready to post this it is sideways snowing out…yet looking at this race schedule, it makes it easier to head outside instead for a run instead of resorting to the gym!



Sophie Speidel said...

Happy Birthday, Annettey, a few days late!

I was thinking about you while running today, wondering how you were and how you were healing.

I was so happy to see your 2009 schedule up! That must mean good things. I will be sending you good kharma as you train and get stronger.

I,too, am cutting back on racing in 2009. My kids are at critical ages and they need me (and I want to be) with them at their lacrosse tournaments, so this spring and summer I am racing Terrapin but running all FA's and VHTRC training runs (this will be cheaper, too).

This summer I will ramp up my miles for Grindstone again---I loved it and know I can run faster, so I got me a kick-a%% coach and he is going to train my butt off. :-) But one day I will come your awesome race, promise.

I will miss you at Hellgate this year.

Big hugs to you and wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.

AnthonyP said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and......HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Rick Gray said...

Annette, It was great to see you and run with you this past Saturday at the Gobbler. When we were hiking up a climb on the Shut In and you said you feel like running some, that you are on your way back to true Annette form. You just scampered up the ridge line and disappeared from sight. Us trail runners are a greedy bunch. We are always looking for ways to enrich our lives and part of that enrichment is racing. Sometimes it does conflict with family and other areas of our lives. That can be good and bad at times, but it also means that we are not the sit-around type. We are active and being productive. I look forward to fun runs in 2009, a race or two where I will see you at the start and I most certainly look forward to the New River 50k on October 10, 2009. Rick

Jenny Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Annette!

annette bednosky said...

Hi Friends!
Thank you for your warm comments! I am ssooo psyched to be out there again. I vow to be smarter and appreciate each foot fall!

Footfeathers said...

Hi Annette,
So great to read that you're out on the trails again and feeling good. The balance you mention is a pattern I've noticed. It's a reverse in the normal hurdles long distance runners encounter where simply gutting it out gets you through; this is much more of a fragile hurdle, though just as difficult to get over. Once there, it feels great. Every race is an exciting build up and you feel more complete when you toe the line knowing that the rest of your life is just as strong as the legs you're standing on.

Looking forward to reading about your 2009 successes.

Bedrock said...


Happy birthday. I had no idea when I saw you this past weekend. it was great running with you and Rick some and I am glad you are on the mend. I look forward to seeing you at many events this year and hope you have a wonderful holiday.