Friday, October 24, 2008

Life after New River Trail 50k 2008: compartment testing, running with friends, and preparing to aidstation" at Masochist

Photos:Runners in Grayson Highlands-courtesy of Beth Minnick,The needle: Step One of Compartment Testing... Mike Hall from Atayne Products (the cool shirt is his company's design!) and my future aid station partner at Masochist next weekend,

It's been 14 days since the 1st inagural New River Trail 50k. I am finally not exhausted and broadening my vision onto "other parts of life"...yet still working on sponsor and volunteer thank you's... Yesterday results and "the story" were posted on the website.

A few thoughts and hopefully I'll post more later....
I am super psyched about my Montrail Teammates Eric Grossman and Jamie Donaldson!
as they are performing at super elite levels in National and world events. Eric won the USATF National 50 mile championships and Jamie came in 4th at the 24-Hr World Championships.

As for me, I am still dealing with my calf issue. The compartment testing (see teaser photo above) knocks out compartment syndrome and my 2nd round of MRI makes it clear there is no obvious muscular damage or stress injury. SSSooo. I have an MRI/MRA (to look at my veins and "blood piping" )scheduled for Halloween and an EMG (nerve conduction test) the week after that...lots of travel to and fro UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville,VA

Instead of running Masochist, I 'll be working with Mike Hall at the Mid-way aid station on Hwy 60...

I am working on an article for Ultrarunning on Ultras and trash...I welcome ideas and perspectives...more on this later too!

I can run. A little. Up to 45 minutes or even an hour at a time as long as it is not on terrain. So tomorrow on Sat will be my 4th 5k in 6 weeks! I am no speedster-yet it is fun anyway: 9/15: 20:46 flat, 10/4: 20:47 not flat!, 10/18:very flat: 20:07...we'll see what tomorrow brings. At least this will help me remember how to pin on a race number!

I plan on registering for the New Year Eve Freedom Runs this weekend. 6, 12 and 24 hour options. Don't know as if I'll be able to do much-yet I'll sacrifice the 65.00 entry fee just to have an option!


Rick Gray said...

Annette, Thank you for coming out last weekend to Grayson Highlands. It was so good to run with you again. I am glad to hear that you are no longer exhausted. You have had reason to be tired after the SUPERIOR job that you did with the New River Trail 50k. There is no way that I can know of all your efforts to put on a quality race, but as a participant, you suceeded beyond your wildest dreams. The 2009 date is already down in stone and I look forward to it once again. I noticed you are setting a 250 limit for 2009. I think that is wonderful. They will say that when Annette puts on a race, they will come. Be proud of yourself as you deserve the credit. I don't know how the 2009 race could be better than 2008, but I know that you will pull something out of that magical hat that you have. Looking foward to seeing you this next weekend at Masochist. For the New River Trail 50k, I say a BIG THANK YOU! Rick

Sophie Speidel said...


Anne and I went on a run yesterday and talked all about you---wondering how you were feeling, and of course how awesome your first race as RD went! It sounds like you will be in CVille soon...this Friday? Want to get together while you are here? Do you need a place to crash? Want to have a margarita after theypoke and prod you? Let me know. I am thinking about you.


Gotta Run said...

I saw you at MMTR the night of the breifing and wanted to talk with you. A big CONGRATS on your New River event this year. Two of my friends ran it and loved it.

Hope your results are good adn you can get back to running the distance you like.

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