Sunday, October 12, 2008

New River Trail 50k 10/11/08 ...results listed...more info and rambling to follow later this week!

This photo was taken about 2 minutes after runners left the starting area!

Save the date for next year: 10/10/09!
report and photos coming later this week! Results and more info will also be posted on race website.

Some photos from Anita.
A collection George is working on.

New River Trail 50k 10/11/08
102 starters

place name Age gender time From
1 Aaron Saft 30 M 3:25:54 NC
2 Bill Shires 43 M 3:29:54 NC
3 Tad Morris 41 M 3:35:57 PA
4 Nick Whithead 30 M 3:38:09 VA
5 Owen Speer 27 M 3:51:15 VA
6 Thad Pajek 23 M 3:51:22 VA
7 Tom McLean 45 M 3:56:22 NC
8 Derrick Carr 47 M 3:59:46 VA
9 Dennis Norris 44 M 4:05:50 NC
10 Shannon Price 30 M 4:10:31 VA
11 David Dunson 36 M 4:12:11 NC
12 Steve Bognar 56 M 4:15:06 VA
13 Rick Gray 47 M 4:23:33 TN
14 Doug Blackford 61 M 4:23:33 NC
15 Stan Austin 32 M 4:25:37 NC
16 Robert Kern 45 M 4:29:06 NC
17 Robin Weiner 49 F 4:29:21 NC
18 Mark Long 49 M 4:31:59 NC
19 Douglas Andrews 35 M 4:35:29 NC
20 Joel Sweigart 39 M 4:37:35 PA
21 Leigh Hagan 34 F 4:38:19 PA
22 Andrew Stahr 30 M 4:39:21 SC
23 Kelly Fredgren 42 F 4:40:16 NC
24 Ralph Veytia 57 M 4:40:29 SC
25 Mark Long 52 M 4:42:59 VA
26 Michael Medlin 36 M 4:44:15 VA
27 Chad Randolph 42 M 4:48:38 NC
28 Eric McGlinchey 34 M 4:52:38 VA
29 Mark Elson 48 M 4:53:28 GA
30 Rick Spencer 35 M 4:54:17 NC
31 Maureen Miller 44 F 4:56:21 TX
32 Alan Roche 24 M 4:56:46 NC
33 Nate Sikes 26 M 4:56:46 AZ
34 Jonathan Adcock 26 M 5:00:18 VA
35 Mike McClintock 42 M 5:07:27 SC
36 Eva Gonzales 47 F 5:07:49 NC
37 Nancy Pullen-Seufert 34 F 5:08:15 NC
38 Robert Hill 57 M 5:08:16 NC
39 Erin Sommer 30 F 5:09:19 NC
40 John Lerch 33 M 5:13:13 GA
41 Ed Hanks 49 M 5:16:34 VA
42 Charlotte Hanks 23 F 5:17:08 NC
43 Leon Harmon 58 M 5:21:30 NC
44 Marit Janse 47 F 5:25:32 MI
45 Tony Rouse 44 M 5:27:13 NC
46 Dan Besse 53 M 5:30:24 NC
47 Bruce Flanagan 45 M 5:31:14 MD
48 Chuck Haggard 47 M 5:32:18 TN
49 David Welch 45 M 5:32:27 NC
50 David King 61 M 5:33:54 NC
51 Suzanne Weightman 44 F 5:35:02 PA
52 Laura Sadler 44 F 5:35:02 NJ
53 Allison Laxton 28 F 5:42:21 VA
54 Meredith McBride 20 F 5:46:41 NC
55 Shawn Horton 37 M 5:46:41 NC
56 Stephanie Harvey 46 F 5:47:53 VA
57 David Harvey 52 M 5:47:54 VA
58 Carl Coe 29 M 5:47:55 VA
59 Kevin O'Connor 61 M 5:48:26 VA
60 Donna Raye 39 F 5:52:00 NC
61 Bill Keane 64 M 5:52:19 NC
62 Jeff Hanks 56 M 5:53:01 NC
63 Rebecca Adcock 28 F 5:57:05 VA
64 Amos Desjadins 27 M 5:57:26 VA
65 Anita Finkle 42 F 5:57:34 VA
66 Sandy Davis 31 F 5:57:50 VA
67 James Cottledge 35 M 5:58:13 VA
68 Enithie Hunter 40 F 5:59:10 GA
69 Johanna Lockner 37 F 6:05:16 VA
70 Bea Kendall 48 F 6:06:33 NC
71 Donny Keller 50 M 6:08:03 PA
72 Chris Redman 40 M 6:08:26 TN
73 Pam Parkinson 36 F 6:09:40 TN
74 Steven Jones 39 M 6:10:37 TN
75 Brian Moretz 43 M 6:11:38 NC
76 Martha Cutler 59 F 6:13:16 NC
77 Richard Corbett 43 M 6:14:43 NC
78 Michael Ward 45 M 6:16:39 SC
79 TJ Farmer 33 M 6:19:37 VA
80 David Ritchie 53 M 6:20:37 VA
81 Tony Truitt 46 M 6:21:13 VA
82 Keith Wood 59 M 6:21:36 NC
83 Nicole Howe 33 F 6:27:40 TN
84 Marie Tedesco 60 F 6:30:00 TN
85 Aaron Proden 35 M 6:33:08 VA
86 Max Cassidy 44 M 6:38:55 AL
87 Cindy Ralston 51 F 6:41:29 GA
88 Roy Mcginnis 47 M 6:42:28 NC
89 Radu Stoica 34 M 6:47:20 TN
90 Maria Evans 45 F 6:48:36 TN
91 Cecilia Morris 39 F 6:52:00 TN
92 Windy Clayton 36 F 6:52:01 TN
93 Charles Springer 49 M 6:54:10 VA
94 Jennifer Jenson 41 F 6:59:39 TN
95 Samantha Wong 25 F 6:59:39 NC
96 Marcia Godwin 63 F 6:59:39 NC
97 Donna Bays 44 F 7:03:28 TN
98 Dale Less 49 M 7:03:53 NC
99 George Songer 58 M 7:05:14 GA
100 Sue Norwood 59 F 7:09:02 VA


Coach Spencer said...

Great Race! Such a beautiful location! Thanks for putting it on. I posted a race report & some photos on my blog:

ushorton said...

GREAT RACE!!!! My first ultra. I had a blast meeting the various runners on the trail. I'm a little inspired to run a 50 miler. I did a personal best for a marathon and I should be ready for Charlotte. THANKS TO EACH OF our VOLUNTEERS & ORGANIZERS. THANKS ANNETTE for your SUPPORT AND BELIEF IN ME.
P.s. Shawn is male not female as listed in results

happy2Bfree said...

I could not have asked for a better experience. It was a beautiful place and a gorgeous fall day. Of course, you & your team of volunteers deserve BIG BEAR HUGS! You did an awesome job, RD Annette! Thanks so very much! Cindy

aaron said...

Being my 1st 50k, I would recommend this event to any one looking to race the distance. Annette & crew were amazing. I had a blast out on the course as well as after wards. The New River Trail is truly a treasure. This race captures that treasure.
-Aaron Saft
La Sportiva Mountain Running Team

Anonymous said...

Your aid station workers were great -- must've been well-trained. The setting was beautiful, but that syle course must not be my thing. Oh well, they say ultramarathoning is an experiment of one... My own disapointing performance is already behind me since I caught myself thinking about my next one yesterday.

Rick Gray said...

As I said earlier, you would do yourself proud and you exceeded perfection. Just a wonderful run through beautiful country side. Volunteers and support were just excellent. You can only improve the race by doing exactly what you did this year. Thank you, Rick

Anonymous said...

Great race. Since Stephanie and I live so close to the NRT how could we not run it. Thanks to all aid workers, you were great. BTW both of us wore garmins which recorded 31.63mi. Thanks again for a great time and fun race. David Harvey

Anita said...

!!!!!!!!!YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!

What a Tremendous Experience that was for me! SO... I'm signing up for next year, right here, Right Now!

Sign~Up for...
SECOND ANNUAL New River Trail 50K,

1) ANITA! ~~Official "Unofficial" Candid Photographer & Gambetta Street Crosser ExtraOrdinaire ;D

What touched me Most of all in this experience was the 'Gratitude' of the runners as they came through the Gambetta crossing! Without fail they all expressed appreciation for Ed and I being out there waiting for them. Ed hollered out "number?" if he wasn't able to see the runners number, the runner hollered out their number and Ed scribbled it on a piece of paper and called it out to me. I feverishly searched for *that* number, found the name, I hollered "That's Shawn!", checked the stop watch for an accurate time as he ran past me, scribbled it on the log and wished him well... Yeah, Shawn ROCKS IMHO!

If I wasn't able to cheer each of you on individually, I do apologize.... You see, this was my very first race to volunteer! Next year I will be so much better prepared and know what to expect when left on the side of the road with a couple of orange flags, a reflective vest and a clipboard with over 100 names and "number"s to tend to!!!! :DD

My list of things to bring for next year:

Pom Poms ~ Seriously! I've gotta' get some!

Megaphone ~ for Ed to stay in the shade and call out the "number" to me on the street!

Portable Chair ~ or 2 just so that we don't have to sit on the rail. Perhaps a blanket would be nice to lay on the ground! :)

Toilet paper ~ ummmm, don't ask!

Note: Next year my "feedbag" that I brought from home will NOT look like I'm running away from home forever! Sheessshhhhh! :D

It is my hope to see you ALL next year.....

With Much Admiration...


No....Not Finkle! ;P

Rick Gray said...

Anita, You were one energetic volunteer and we appreciate you and Ed. You see, us trail runners are different from road runners. We know what a sacrifice it is to come and sit (sometimes out in the middle of nowhere) on a rail waiting for a runner to come through. Because of your sacrifice, we do like to show our appreciation. Trail ultras can be very dangerous without volunteers and we appreciate you so very much. Rick

Anonymous said...

What a great race. This was my first 50K and plan to build off of the race for a spring 50 miler. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great success.

Shannon Price

Anonymous said...

Annette and Crew - this was my first 50K and as a back of the packer I can SCREAM out kudos for the volunteers! Even when i came through the stations they were still there, cheering, helping me, encouraging me - WOW! So different that road racing. I will definitely be back next - working hard to improve my time. Thanks for the experience!

Iron Mountain Trail Runners said...

Your race was first class. The aid stations were second to none; the markings, the volunteers, the town support, The New River 50k had it all and felt like a big time ultra, especially with the killer finish line setup. It was amazing being out there with friends and being able to cheer everyone on while running and enjoying the peaceful vibe of the trail. Minus my puke episode, which is typical from a hard effort, the event was superb and I will continue to be back.

Nick Whited

head handler said...

Thanks for the opportunity to help with the race. It was first class. If I don't run next year, I'll be glad to help again.

John said...

Fantastic event!!! This was my first 50K and I decided to come up to do this race to gain experience before signing up for Mountain Mist 50K. I'm very glad I did.
Beautiful course, outstanding volunteers, markings, and aid stations.
There were 3 of us from the Douglas County Rogue Runners there and we're planning a much bigger group next year. Thank you Annette for putting this race on.

dan besse said...

Good job Annette! Well managed, excellent volunteer performance, a quality event all around. From the perspective of a fellow race director, it looked more like the smooth tenth running of a race rather than the nervous first. Except the race director was more exited. Keep it up!