Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Newbie Race Director Jitters

Ack! The photos above are just a few of the various piles of race stuff erupting around my house during the last 2 weeks!
I am soo very nervous, excited, anxious, happy, freaked-as the project I have been working on for almost a full year is about to happen! The New River Trail 50k out of Fries, VA will start at 8am sharp on Saturday, 10/11/08!

I am as wound up as much as I have been before my 1st (or 2nd or 3rd) 100 mile run...yet instead of moving into a day of "freedom" and "flight" as I often feel when racing-the weight of priveledged responsibility is heavy. (Heavy in a good way!)

There is still so much to do-bib's came in yesterday and water and fresh food and replacing volunteer drop outs and trying to get around the piles of stuff in my house! I am also taking time to document quanities, processes, money and time so next year might bring a little less mystery. I have found check lists for race directors-yet the learning curve is continous to answer the questions: "How much Clif Shot drink? How many PB &J squares? How much water? How many volunteers do I need? Do we have enough parking???? All the while working towards creating a green event and an opportunity for a quality race for all the runners.

I will post more after Saturday-I am sure the discoveries and challenges have only started!


Rick Gray said...

Annette, You have 125 runners out there thanking you for all of your efforts. Not only are you providing a wonderful fund raiser for The National Committee for the New River, but you are providing a first class event for us runners to participate. I know we do not understand the time and attention to details that you have put in, but I can tell you for sure that this event will be as near perfect as perfect can be. No detail has been left untouched and we thank you for all of your hard work. Your reward will come this Saturday, when you see all of the smiling, but tired, faces. Thank you so very much, Rick

AnthonyP said...

It is great that you are RDing this race. I do a weekly piece on Bryon Powell's blog ( that discussing the upcoming week's ultra races, and I made sure to write a small bit about yours.

Best of luck with it !!

Sophie Speidel said...

Hey Missy!

You have been on my mind a lot lately---thanks for the update re: Dr. Wilder, and best wishes for a very successful race this weekend! Rick said it best and without a doubt it will come off without a hitch (and if there is a hitch, ultrarunners will be totally OK with that :-)

Thank you for all your time, energy, effort, commitment, and passion in providing such a cool race. As you might remember from your first know it will change lives, don't you?