Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am a runner again!: Lost toenail and smart Frosty 50k slog

Photo is Nick, me, Rick and Beth 1 minute before the start of Frosty 50k '09.
I put Mama Grey's photo in too-because she is cool!

I am a runner again. Tonight after arriving home from my "double out and back" slog around Salem Lake I soaked in Epsom Salts and lost a toenail! Yipppee! After starting ultrarunning in 2002 I have rarely had 10 toenails. Yet since 4/08 and being smitten with injuries, my toenails grew back and my feet looked normal. The combined effort of New Years Eve run and wet feet from the creek crossings today have me celebrating!

Today was NO race for me. A training run. Time on feet with friends. And I felt a special kinship to Sarah, Rick, Byron, Scott, another pig-tailed woman an Richard as I ran...they were all there too-running/plodding all of us with a unique combination of movements that spoke to our 24 hour efforts 9 days ago. My goal was to spend at least 4.5 hours out there. I got my money's worth with a time of near 4:50 (wasn't watching the clock). Today's run took just under 1 hour over my fastest time there 2 years ago.
No worries. I ran slow and did not race and therefore did "good". (Many thanks to Rick for the encouragement to be "slow" and to Richard for companionship during the final miles! Full results will be at the race website soon.I think Nick was a top finisher, Rick finished 4:11ish, Beth near 4:30. These 3 are folks I join for "adventure runs in our nearby Mt Rogers National Recreation Area several times a year. (And they are awesome humans too!)

I wore my trusty Continental Divides as I have arthritis in my L 1st metatarsal from an old injury and it was aggravated New Year's eve-so I sought my most stable and least flexible shoe: The Montrail CD w/ green superfeet. "Overkill" for this event. In most situations, yes, in my situation: PERFECT!

I love having 9 toenails!


Sophie Speidel said...


What a great post and what good news. I love Rick Gray, too. He is a super guy :-)Glad to hear he was talking about the virtues of going slow...atta boy, Rick!

Keep it easy and keep having fun...looking forward to seeing you soon.


Cheri said...

Who needs toenails, anyway? I'm coming back this year, too, after having 2 big injuries last year.
Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your next adventure.
Happy trails,

Rick Gray said...

Annette, I know I told you yesterday, but you are amazing. You and the rest of the New Year's Freedom Run gang were just spectacular. I cannot imagine running 121.999999 miles just nine days ago and then come back for your "training run" yesterday. Annette and Sophie, I thank you for your kind words. You both are so special to me and I love you both. Before I close, it is funny how someone gets excited about losing a toe nail! Way to go Annette. Rick

Amy A said...

Hey Annette! You're getting some great mileage in! Toenails are just accessories, as long as you still have your toes, you don't really need them! Haha :) Have a wonderful week!

AnthonyP said...

Woo hoo !!!! Welcome back to running !

Prudence said...

Hey Annette-
appreciate hearing of your trials & tribulations in the ultra world. Big congradulations on the 24 hour qualifier. Good luck. I currently have a mysterious calf issue - supposedly a sprain - but am having a hell of a time resting my mind & leg.
Thanks for sharing and hope to see you on the West Coast soon!

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