Friday, May 1, 2009

24 Hour World Challenge, 11 hours 'till start!



Team USA during opening ceremony
Annette, Jen, Carolyn and Matt
Fruit pops in store window
Yummy looking bread in store window
A view from Citta Alta (upper city of Bergamo) looking to the North and East

Yes were are all here! All members of Team USA and Doctor Andy and our loved ones-including George!

This evening was the opening ceremony. I almost cried walking in back of the American Flag. There are 28 countries and around 230 runners. Wow!

Today was a major holiday in Italy-the Italian version of Labor Day, I think! Stores and businesses closed-so lots of cyclists and runners out and about. We even saw a parade this morning!
There is so much to see and experience. I am thrilled to be part of Team USA and am so psyched we are in Italy! So far, so good. I even have “coversed” a bit with my pathetic Italin!

I must ready and sleep now. More later. This link is supposed to be active starting 10am Italy time (4am EST).


runamanda said...

Good Luck!!! RUN FAR!!! and Have fun

Rick Gray said...

Annette, Go Rock Italy! Your friends are with you in spirt. I will follow your progress. What an opportunity and we thank you for being such a great representative of our great country! Rick

Anonymous said...

Your family is with you in spirit too, only wish we all could have come along to share the experience. Best of luck! Michele

Anita A Chauvin~Hurst said...

Fly, Annette..............FLY!!!!!

With Much Love,

Oh, and Thanks for the Italian food porn...I *Love* food pics, ya' know!? ;D

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you girl!!! Run steady!!!

Runner Tammy said...

Good luck and have a great race!

runamanda said...

Way to go!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job, so proud of you, watched your progress all day & kept your brother up to date too! He says Congrats! Luv ya, Michele & Ron.

Rick Gray said...

Annette, Tammy and I are so proud of you. You are the best. Now sit back and enjoy the rest of your trip. Hope to see you on the trail soon. Say hello to George! Rick and Tammy

Anonymous said...

You did great! It's now time for a glass of red wine-you earned it!! I can't wait to hear all the details when you get home. Have a great rest of the trip.