Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip Part I

Readying to leave for road trip 10/9/09
Class reunion. (Chip, Kim and I used to work together all through HS cleaning cages at The North Fork Animal Hospital)

In just several hours starts the VT 100. I am so very psyched to get out there in the countryside and into the fabulous freedom of running!

The photos from above are part of my "road trip" thus far...the class reunion being great fun! And visiting my Mom and taking the ferry across LI sound...I have photos yet left my attachment to get photos to my Mac at my Moms. (I'll return there after tomorrow).

My 1st impressions of Vermont 100 are: beauty, rural, kick butt relentless hills (with some rockin' downhills), pastures...seems like every other road is named for a meadow, hill, or farm!

I camped my 1st night in VT...yet a screaming baby at the neighboring campsite and rain encouraged me to check in the motel where I am right now: Ottauquechee Motor Lodge just outside of Woodstock, NY, about 23 minutes driving from race start.

I am planning on a 9:30-10:00 per minute race pace...we'll see how it all goes. I am really looking forward to the fun and freedom of running!

Later-with cool photos, I hope!

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Rick Gray said...

Annettte, Hope you enjoyed your reunion! Congratulations on an excellent run at Vermont! Rick