Monday, July 27, 2009


Dr. Rob (Vermont 100 race doc), my pacer Joy and I at mile 48ish of Vermont 100 last weekend when I was advised to drop due to pain the severe tendonitis would bring.

As I posted last week, I did not drop, and proudly limped in for a emotional finish. A little over a week later, my leg looks almost normal except for some evident swelling on my lower shin and ankle. Massive tendonitis (which was apparently upstaged by major cellulious which antibiotics took care of this past week). I did see 2 doctors about this.

Was it worth finishing? I think YES! Am I running? No way. Prob'ly not for another 3 weeks to be safe. Lots of icing and taping right now. And for fitness the elliptical trainer and my road bike.
Though I don't like being "not able" to do all I want, I am sorta relieved to have time off from running while still be able to be active. If my body is willing I'll ride a mountain century in mid August and hopefully be back on my feet in the way I love soon after that.

NPR did a 9 minute radio broadcast/story about the Vermont 100 and to my surprise they used some of my little drama! Check this out: Be sure to scroll down to the Vermont 100 link.


Rick Gray said...

Annette, Very nice broadcast by NPR. You were very upbeat and excited and so willing to push on. Sounds like it was all worth the pain. Enjoy your downtime and try to relax. Rick

eminnick said...

Glad to hear things are healing up well and you are enjoying a short break. Congratulations again on a tough finish and we'll look forward to seeing you on the trails this fall! Beth

The Sean said...

I love this radio show for this kind of stuff they bring to the listener. "Enjoy" your time off.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Great job in grinding it out at VT100. Not easy, but rewarding. Hope everything gets healed and your back on your feet soon.

The Sean said...

enjoyed your article in ultrarunner this month. congrats on that unreal run you had!