Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day after Ridge to Bridge Marathon

This photo is looking north off Blue Ridge Parkway. You can see Stone Mtn and Pilot if you look carefully...

Another grand day! Yesterdays post babbled about the unique Ridge to Bridge Marathon...(which really was super cool..)
Today, I am sharing a few photos taken while out on a run/slog/hike with George. He was doing the running and hiking and I the slogging.

The real difference between being "in shape" or not quite is in the recovery. The first 7.8 miles today felt fine...yet after that I really felt yesterday's efforts and did all I could do not to whine out loud before we made it back to the car in what would total for me 13.5 miles. I think it will take several more months of weeks, solid training to have a quality double.

This picture was taken looking south from Alligator back...We're seeing the mountains of Ashe County in the distance.

Today wasn't bad-just a reality check in a beautiful place-with an understanding, if not somewhat dissapointed George by my side. Sooo tomorrow will be "off" and Tuesday an elliptical day and get back to the good stuff on Wednesday!

Definition of Adventure: "That which has an unknown outcome!"


Rick Gray said...

Post-race recovery is not always what we desire. Go easy on yourself. You deserve it. Sounds like you and George had a wonderful Sunday out in the mountains.

Triple F said...

Okay Annette . . . I'm going to have to challenge you to a run. Your going to have to run a 50k at MY pace. This will likely last 7:30 to 8 hours. Hope you can hang!! The rule will be you can't finish before me!

Maybe we can talk Jenn (one of my new running friends) into joining the competition.

Seriously, I enjoy your blog and wish you the best!

Frank Lilley

annette bednosky said...

Frank-I'm up for it- Just choose a pretty place! I wish you the best too.

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