Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New River Trail 50k 10/09/10 opens 1/20/10

Registration for the 3rd running of the New River Trail 50k begins tomorrow at UltraSignUp.com

Race website is the same as last year: www.ncnr.org/nrt50k.html

The New River Trail 50k will continue to be a fast, flat, fair course all within the New River Trail State Park. Confirmed sponsors include: VA State Parks(Dept of Conservation and Recreation), Montrail, Nathan Products, Mud Mama Pottery, Patagonia, and Flowers Bakery. The event will be sanctioned by USATF. Additional sponsors will be announced as they confirm.

I like UltraSignUp.com as an alternative to active for this race because:
  • Fees are lower to registrants
  • We can get registration fees electronicly instead of snail mail (keeping more to our green mission)
  • runners can see who else is running right away instead of having to wait weeks for us to be able to update the race website
  • After runners register, you can "check out" your "competition" or "companions" depending on how you approach it!

Please pass this information to your running friends-or curious friends who might want to help out-as alway these races can not be done without the generosity of our volunteers!

I am honored to be planning  for another fun day running along and  in support of The New River!


Runner Tammy said...

I am so excited about signing up for this race!!!

I just PR-ed for the 50 km distance at the Rock and Roll Marathon, but know with the AWESOME cookies, super volunteers and really cute course I will break this PR at your race: the New River Trail 50 km.

I look forward to seeing you in Oct if not before.

Sophie Speidel said...


Since my son will be at college next fall, my race plans are up in the air (I am planning to run Masochist). I would love to come down there and support you and your race, so once I have a clue (!?), I will know more about the fall. If not this year, then definitely on my "To Run" list for the future.

I think Ultrasignup is very cool, btw.

annette bednosky said...

Yay! Tammy you are the 1st to register for 2010. I'll find a fablous prize to send. Can't wait to celebrate a new PR w/you! Congrats on Rock and Roll Marathon!

Sophie-I can't believe you are old enough for a son in college! Wow~love to have ya out there one way or another with us this coming fall-otherwise we'll send good vibes to one another!

Rick Gray said...

Annette, Looking forward to another great year at a top notch race. For those of you who do not know the quality race that Annette puts on, you are in for a treat. She leaves no stone unturned as to any detail. She does everything for us, but she is a stickler on one thing, she makes us run. I just registered for year # 3!!! Rick

Sara said...

I love the New River; I have not been there in a long time (used to rock climb)
I really want to run this - it may be my first 50k. It sounds lovely! And, the green mission - not enough of that at races.

Rick Gray said...

Sara, Great race for your first 50k. From what I saw on your blog, you like to run fast, so you will love the New River. Just take the plunge and take this race out of your bucket!!!

Sara said...

Thanks Rick - ha. Yes, I do like to run fast. OK. I have been convinced!

annette bednosky said...

Yes Sara, Please come on down and run fast! (I used to climb in the Gorge as well-that is where I took my 1st and only real lead "fall"...somewhere along the Star Trek wall...)