Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow, spinning and magazine ads..

This is a tiny part of a 2 page advertisement in the latest issue of Runner's World....

Several days ago, vetran runner of New River Trail 50k, Rebecca Adcock (and creator or yummie goodies) wrote to tell me of this ad in March's Runners World. Super cool! I received my issue 2 days later and gave great kudos for the whole 2 page spread that explains the different shoees: Mtn Masochist. Rockridge, Sabino Trail...I have both the shoes besides Masochist on order and am psyched to see how they work for me in the advertised conditions!

Anyway-though we've had + 7" of snow and slick roads this weekend, my training has been quality, if efficiant. ...I can only run so many road miles slipping and sliding (even w/ Yac Traxs!)...

Saturday was 2. 25 hours slipping and sliding and today was a creative collection to = almost exhaustion for me (felt great!): 5.5 miles outside  snow run, 4.75 treadmill miles at 1.5% inclne w/ intervals, 7.5mph-9.5mph..., 100 minute spinning class, 35 minutes in pool-practicing and huffing and puffing freestyle and 10 min cooldown w/ water running...

Tomorrow school is cancelled with plans to go on Saturday instead...Hmmm...

Mondays are typically rest days, yet I shall endevour to recreate my plan to deal with work and the weather!

Happy snowing/icy/winter!


Anonymous said...

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Rick Gray said...

Annette, I get dizzy just reading what all you do. Be careful out there. The roads are slick. I am so tired of this white and clear stuff. I can't imagine how you feel in WNC. Enjoy the day off, but not so great about Saturday.

Sara said...

Wow. what a workout on Sunday!!! Inspiring!!! I miss spin classes. Because I commute for work, I have not been able to spin in a while.
Wow about the snow - Sunday, we ran up in Vogel State park (North GA) - we had a little bit of snow -but just a dusting.

Anonymous said...

Who is this smoking chic! Annette, what a great pic and great representation...and I know you!!!

blowininthewind said...

hey there lady! i was thinking about you the other day running in all this sluddgy snowy weather we seem to be having. sounds like you're still at it. congrats on the magazine ads...pretty cool i must say. i hope work is going well. say hello to lynnette and mama grey for me!! many blessings!

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Dakota said...

You are definitely the nicest person I've talked to in at least a week. I very much hope to meet you soon! Thanks for making an already good day better.