Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brief Update and Ghost Whisperer Anorak

Ghost Whisperer, size medium...size small would have worked too.
I realized a few days ago, I had not posted that in early October I was involved in a car crash-2 days before NRT50k. In that wreck (other party take full responsibility) our truck was in the body shop for 4 weeks and I have been rehabbing a hamstring injured that night for 6+ weeks...I am getting stronger and healing, yet not where I'd be if the Subaru done what it did. (Big SIGH). Thankfully, life for all involved was very inconvenienced, yet not damaged.

This past week, in typical Appalachian Mountain mid-autumn weather I got to wear the new Ghost Whisperer Anorak by Mountain Hardwear, it will soon be available for Spring 2012.

Since I am still working on getting back in shape after taking 5 weeks off after last month’s vehicle accident, the runs were quite short, and not fast.

Which hand is it in?
Did you guess correctly?
Pretty awesome...weighs only 2 ounces!
 Run #1 5pm: 4.7 miles: sideways, pouring rain. Cold front was coming through. Temperature dropped 6 degrees in 40 minutes. Wore anorak with long sleeve shirt underneath. Soaked and chilled, yet did not feel cold. Shook the anorak out and it was dry in ten minutes.

Run #2: 8:3am: 4.6 miles: calm, clear with morning shadows, 34 degrees, short sleeve shirt underneath. Zipper made it easy to temperature regulate.

Run #3: 3:00pm, 4.6 miles: same day, calm, temperature mid 40’s warm in the sun. Sports bra only under anorak. Funky look, yet effective.

Anorak stuffed into compartment that would other wise hold my iphone or camera
Run #4: 9:00am, 10miles on Appalachian Trail. Temp high 30’s. Started out with jacket on, yet within 10 minutes removed it, as the hill climb made it un necessary. I stashed it easily in the front pocket of my Nathan Vest.
3.5 miles into Saturday's run
 This piece of gear will be truly GREAT for those of use "lazies" that don't want to carry a big pack...Yet, as a precaution, please remember...venture into Wilderness with skills, training and judgement and do otherwise, my compromise the health and safety of your companions!

This will for certain be a new piece of “go to” gear for iffy conditions…like a tiny beanie or pair of thin gloves, it is even small enough to jam in my sports bra mid-run, if I lack pockets. Now that would be interesting-the sight of gloves, hat and jacket sharing the sports bra…Women have it made…(I am hesitant to wonder where guys stash their extra clothes?) Read below to see what Mountain Hardwear says about the jacket:

Ghost Whisperer Anorak (OL4556)

A wind- and water-resistant shell so crazy lightweight and compressible you can pack it in your pocket.

Features: Super ultra lightweight shell * Wind and water resistant * Easily packable - stows in built in pocket * Deep neck zipper for ventilation *  Reflective trim for visibility

Usage: Under 2 ounces! This jacket is like having weather protection in your pocket.
Fit: Athletic
Fabrics: Body - Whisperer 7D x 10D Ripstop Weight: 1.7 oz.; 49 g. Center Back Length: 25.5"; 65 cm Color: Deep Blush; Sea Salt; XS-XL; $135.00


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend! And that no one was hurt too badly.

Great review. That jacket is awesome!

amy said...

Ugh! So sorry to hear about the accident. But the important thing is that you are all OK, even if not in the short term--it's the long term that matters!

I love my ghost whisperer, too!