Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mohammed's South Mountain Birthday Run: 50k+, 1/24/09

Starting together as a "pack" during the 1st half Mile. Mohammed has the orange crown!

To view lots more photos, go here.

Mohammed just turned 30 last weekend. His daughter was also born on that day. To celebrate, he invited 15 running friends on a 32+ mile traverse of the South Mountain Gamelands and South Mountain State Park near Morganton, NC.

We had a fabulous day! Mohammed surprised us with custom made crowns by a fellow named Lonnie who makes hats as a way to raise awareness of cerebral palsy, which Lonnie’s son has. (

We just had a great time! The group started running the first few miles up the steep approach to the Old CCC gravel and dirt road together before we spread ourselves out over 1-2 miles by days end. The Old CCC road switched to dirt and mud after about 7 miles and continued lightly technical into the trails of the State Park. More relatively easy up and down running. David Kirk put up with me for almost 17 miles of trail and I am grateful for his companionship. At our turn around point-Mo had arranged for birthday cake, soda, and munchies to be stashed-yet we were happy to find some of the generous partners of runners hanging out “partying” with us in the parking lot. Thank you Lily and Patti!

I ran back most of the rest of the way alone. My running companions way out hiked me on the uphills and I felt better “jogging” slowly up the hills than hiking. So after crossing paths a couple of times and admiring each others hats, I expect many of us journeyed much of the last half alone.

A brilliantly warm day for January. It must have been in the low 50’s for several hours. Round trip it took me 6:03 including hanging out at the turn around for about 25 minutes…I wore my Mountain Masochist Montrails along with a pair of Smartwool PhD socks. Great combo for this run. The Masochists gave excellent traction in the mud-and seemed to work well for my fussy bio mechanics at this distance. I did put blue Superfeet in them to help with stability as I am accustomed to a more rigid shoe. No blisters or concerns, though I did take a preventative ice bath upon arrival home.

I must run more hills! This was a very fun day-yet I was “feelin’ it” during the last couple of miles! Thank you Friends for a great day!


~Anita~ said...

Hey Annette~

Love, LoVe, LOVE the party hats!!! Gives me ideas ... ;D

Looks like you all had a blast!

Moogy said...

Any ideas when the Masochists will be available for public sale?

annette bednosky said...

My understanding is the Masochists and '09 Hard Rocks will debut in March...if you email me off blog at I'll be happy to make inquiry and get a more definitive answer!

Anonymous said...

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K9 Command, Inc. said...

I enjoyed this blog post and the photos of the run. I live just a few miles from South Mountain State Park and would love to know more about the route you ran. It appears you did not start at the main entrance of the park to get to Upper CCC. I'm just curious and wanting to attempt something similiar as a run / hike.

Anonymous said...


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