Friday, February 6, 2009

New 5k in Ashe County= Spring Solstice 5k run and 1 mile Fitness Walk

This 5k design was created by an Ashe County High School graphic design student. Thank you Joseph! Great Job!

For years Ashe County has been long over due to host running events. In 2007, Jeremy Casey launched the 1st annual Harvest 5k Run. It repeated and grew in '08 and is again planned for 10/09. But what about the rest of the year in our beautiful mountains? make a long story shorter....

After I understood that I am "unofficially" part of Team USA for Bergamo, Italy in May I expressed a concern in passing to some running friends about "how to fund this at such short notice..?" Well-these friends jumped and within 2 weeks we had set up a plan to host a 5k run and fitness walk with 4 purposes:
1) To promote fitness in the High County, especially Ashe County
2) Introduce runners and walkers to the new 1/4 mile fitness paved fitness path near "Family Central"
3) contribute to my travel expenses to Bergamo, Italy as a member of Team USA
4) contribute funds to the Ashe County Parks and Recreation's new climbing wall

And yes, my participation on Team USA is still "unofficial" As I understand it, this week there was to be a meeting in Italy to iron out kinks and official stuff will come soon.

So here we are! A new 5k in Ashe County! The course is a rural road-rolling and ending on the new fitness trail. Marvelous views of Mt Jefferson the whole way!
Flyer and application can be downloaded at: (just go to the bottom of the page).

We hope this will become an annual event with proceeds going to different places each year!


Prudence said...

Hi Annette -
Sorry - this has nothing to do with the 5k - except that I hope you get to go to Italy for sure! I am an avid ultrarunner myself out in California. I left a comment a little while ago about a calf issue that sounded similar to what you had. I just got back from the Dr. again and she thinks I have compartment syndrome in my calf. I can only run up to an hour and then it cramps up etc. I was wondering what the outcome was with your calf injury - I am searching for some ultrarunners' advice/hope. Thank you
Prudence L'Heureux

Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!