Monday, February 23, 2009

Varied adventures in my shoes!

Sometimes photos speak enough....even though I am having a hard time trying to post in "order!"
On Saturday I met Matt and David Kirk and Brian B and Mohammed and Uwharrie for a run on the Woods Mtn trail between Marion and Linville, NC. Fabulous 20-22ish mile adventure! Thank you my friends for a most excellent morning of amazing trail running! My Hardrocks came along...

After running, I scrambled and drove back up the mountain to Ashe County for the 2nd annual Polar Plunge where we were raising money to assist those in our community who are having a hard time heating their homes, "freezin' for heat". We were encouraged to wear costumes-so I wore a disgarded prom dress and my Hardrocks (I didn't have time to really change too much after our run...and wanted to be sure I could run from the water to my dry clothes several hundred feet away! It was cold-sorta-air temp was around 40 and water temp in the low 30s. Very mild compared to what it has been like.

When I got home, I left my trusty footwear to dry on the deck and enjoyed a hot shower a couple glasses(generous) of homemade red!

Saturday was a GREAT DAY to be alive in Western North Carolina!


Rick Gray said...

It seems that you did this polar plunge last year and it was much colder. You received warmer temps this year. Who knows what next year will bring. Glad you had a wonderful morning on the trails with good buddies. By the way, good luck this Sunday in Long Island. Rick

Sophie Speidel said...


I am freezing here just thinking about it.

What a great day you had! A little run for fun then a plunge to help others. Very cool!

I'm with Rick---have a great run in NY this weekend. I know you are itching to see what you can do on those loops and I am sure you will have a great race. Looking forward to reading your report.


~Anita~ said...

I am SO there next year! I'll wear a Tux if you promise to wear that prom dress again! ;)

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