Monday, February 9, 2009

A Weekend Without much Running

Annette and Jesse practicing improvised backcountry splinting.

In order to keep my certification as a Wilderness First Responder I have to “recert” every 2-3 years. I spent this weekend on the campus of VA Tech in Blackburg, VA doing just that-taking a course with WMI. Many hours of class time, practical scenarios and much “after hours” studying!

Since I am no longer an active Outward Bound instructor, technically there is not a reason for me to train and maintain my certification that I have had since 1992. Yet as a person who likes to spend lots of time running in the backcountry, I want to maintain my skills, so if the need arose to use this training I would be “updated” enough to respond with appropriateness.

The majority of the other WFA students were staff of VA Tech’s outdoor Venture Program and camp directors for an eastern Girl Scout camp. There was 1 other person there named Jesse from CT re certifying his WFR.

I was pleased to learn that WMI has added hyponeutremia to it’s curriculum since last update!

I did get to run-yet not in big chunks. And in a way, my legs feel even more tired after running in little pieces over 3 days (Fri-10 & 12) (Sat- 5 & 8.5) (Sun-1:17 and :40) than after 2 long runs…yet it prob’y has something to do with all the class sitting around time we did too! The Huckleberry Trail was only 2 blocks away from our weekend class and saved my sanity!


Sophie Speidel said...


Did I ever tell you about the 9-day Outward Bound course I took at Table Rock Mtn/Linville Gorge area in June 1986? I seriously believe it was the start of my ultra career, though I didn't know it at the time! Good times, very tough challenge.

Good for you for updating/maintaining your backcountry first responder skills!!

Rick Gray said...

Oh how my heart fell when I first saw that picture. I thought, what has happened now. I am thankful you were just practicing and I thank you for updating your certification. You never know when one of your trail running buddies will need assistance. For all of us, I thank you, Rick

Mike said...

Hi Annette,

I was a Rec. Mgt. major at App. State and took your Leadership and Group Dynamics course, sometime between 98-02. Never will forget watching "white squall" as credit! I stumbled upon an article about you in a NC outdoors publication sometime ago. Congrats on the ultra career. I am currently guiding on Kilimanjaro this season and loving every minute of it. Nice to know that you have this blog to follow, good luck this season.

Mike King,

Shannon said...

Hi. It's is Shannon. We met at the end of Frosty Fifty last month. Congratulations on such a great marathon today! It was great to see you out there. I thought you might enjoy some photos from the race, so here is a link (you are in several).
Keep it up!! You inspire me.