Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To the Northeast or Bust!

Trying to decide what gear to bring to Vermont...
Peach wine freshly moved to secondary fermentation in our kitchen
JFK entry ready for 7/9/09 Postmark
One of our gardens going full-tilt boogie!
Peering at Mama Grey through the screen door

Tomorrow I leave for the Vermont 100…with an extended stop on Long Island to attend my 25th class reunion and visit with my Mom.

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post, during that time:

I discovered that DNFing from Highlands Sky was a good choice. Within four days after the fall I was back to running my regular mileage

Yesterday, after 3 consecutive days of 20-22 mile runs I started my “taper” for Vermont. After spending so much time running these past 2 months, I hardly know what to do with all my time and energy! (Packing at the moment!)

The last few weeks the gardens have come into being and we are harvesting swiss chard, cucumbers, and basil out of our vegetable garden.

This is peach season in the Southeast and we’re fermenting peach wine on our kitchen this week.

Tomorrow my registration for JFK 50 Miler goes in the mail.

Other good news-after “loosing” my crew and pacer to other life obligations, Joy Grossman from Woodstock, VT has agreed to pace me last 30 miles! Yay! (The Vermont Race Committee set this up for me-thank you John!) At this point, I plan on using drop bags to act as my crew.

I’ll write more on the road.


Little Lion said...

Good Luck, Annette!!! :o)

Rick Gray said...

Annette, You are so full of life. Enjoy your time with your Mom. Good luck at Vermont. Relax and enjoy the taper. Rick

Thomas Bussiere said...

VT100 is a great race. Mostly hard packed dirt roads for the first 50M. I used my road shoes the first half and trail shoes the 2nd half after leaving Camp Ten Bear. This worked great for dry conditions.
Lots of Aid Stations - Easy to lose time if not careful.
Good luck and have a great race.

annette bednosky said...

Thanks all for the good wishes! Thomas, I am planning on wearing my Mountain Masochists (light low volume shoe) and switching to my fav's:Continential Divides for the 2nd half (more volume for swollen feet and excellent traction if the trails are muddy!)
I am sooo excited!

Sophie Speidel said...

Go Annette! I will be sending good vibes your way. You are strong, tough, experienced, and wise and will have an awesome run. I can't wait to hear all about it so soak in every detail for all of us :-)

runamanda said...

good luck