Thursday, December 17, 2009

...All is least for tonight...

All is calm....(for now!)

The spirit and meaning of Christmas, Hanukkah and other important winter holidays are desperately important and life affirming...yet sometimes the drama of shopping, travel, deadlines, families, too much work, (too much play!) challenges one's sanity!

Snow is predicted to start hitting the High Country tomorrow am with forecasts of up to 20"...Way more than we've seen in a decade. (Putting the cool running gathering planned for Sat on hold, put most activities that require one to be "out"...(except local running/hiking: ie: places you can access from your dwelling!) Us here in the area are prepared for days of power outages, no water, blah, blah...Of course, predictions may be a hoax and the excitment/worriment may all be unwarrnted...

As the craziness and possible cabin fever of the next 56 hours encroaches...I wish to remember the above photo taken of Mama Grey earlier this evening! Enjoy the weather-it's drama, limitations and be inspired by MG...stretch,curl up, take a nap! (Oh...I have much to learn from my kitty!)


Thomas Bussiere said...

Great post with a good message - Slow down and enjoy the moment before it's gone. I lived in VT for 19 years and can relate to the snow thing - Staring at the heavy snow falling in the streetlight late at night hoping for school to be cancelled. And when it was cancelled, I ended up shoveling snow all day (LoL). Careful what you wish for!

Rick Gray said...

You are correct. Us humans can certainly learn alot from a cat and in your instance, Mama Grey. I was and still am hoping for the snow fall not to be too bad tomorrow for our adventure up to the top of White Top. Can I wish for lots of snow, but none on the roads. Maybe a day of relaxing reading a book would do me good. Have a great weekend, should I not see you tomorrow. Rick

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