Sunday, December 20, 2009

A weekend of snow and broken computer screen

Above is our deck prior to 6pm Friday evening...the first of 16" or so that fell and kept us rather "snowed in" for the weekend.
This is George, next day, about 3pm, after he spent 3 hours shoveling the decks and driveway. He built a snowboard ramp...yet the snow was too deep and very wet-he kept getting stuck....

So with all plans to romp on the AT gone this weekend, I resorted to slush/snow running on the roads and treadmillng in the gym....
On Sunday, morning, we got the 4 wheel drive Tacoma powered up and drove over to the tiny Appalachian least we got a few hours of turns on the snowboards...and even did a couple runs in the terrain park! (More time at the gym this afternoon!)
Stocking stuffers to wrap. Mama Grey didn't care. Tonight she favored the tissue paper instead of her pillow to the right.

Shortly after cooking dinner and hanging out w/ George I started up the stairs with laptop in hand, carrying a glass of wine, snowboard pants and a pair of dried running shoes...I reached down to pick up a roll of toilet paper to bring upstairs and I slid down the stairs in my stockinged feet and fell across the futon at the bottom. I wasn't hurt. My computer was.
Part of the screen is damaged, so tomorrow I'll see what I can do to ship this baby off to get it fixed. I shall feel lost without my little machine! So if I am out of access is a probable explanation!

I wish you all grand adventures with safe outcomes and a Great Holiday and Christmas Week!


Rick Gray said...

Beautiful snowfall. Even though Appalachian Ski Mountain is small, it is a wonderful ski resort. Glad to hear you got some time on your board. Enjoy the next couple of weeks off from school. Rick

jenn said...

hi annette~

great post! so happy you and george got to go snowboarding! I am so sorry to hear about your laptop! I have the EXACT SAME white macbook!
I am sure apple can help you! where you can send it off and it be fixed! at least you can use it some because it's the corner of the LCD-- with some creative scrolling you can reading everything you need to:o)
cheers and take care!! I hope you enjoy the holidays! and I get to run with you soon!


Anonymous said...


hwbo x ) mc 89