Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

Just finishing up a chilly run on Saturday...
Outside the house around noon...

The first real snow of the NC High Country appeared yesterday around 5am!

We wound up with 2-3" depending on what side of the ridge and wind you were on. This weather event squished my plans to go run Mistletoe Half Marathon in Winston Salem on Saturday...and I wound up "uninviting" 2 ultrarunning friends Jenny and Beth who were going to stay here in Jefferson and flock together, garbed in ELF attire to have a good temp run at this event. The roads here are very "iffy" when there is snow-and the forecast was for "difficult travel conditions" and 2-5"...

(Please forgive me Jenny and Beth-I am still kinda bummed!-Yet I think it was the smart decision-and I expect you both found run in your environs despite the change of plans?)

I ran 13.7 on Saturday in Ashe County in the blowing snow on road and dirt farm tracks.

The rest of the precious "1st snow day" went to Montrail stuff, cranberry nut bread baking and filling bird feeders!

Sunday was warmer...I adventured the 35 minute drive down to Wilkes County and wore shorts and ran for 2+ hours on the developing Warrior Creek Trails at Kerr Scott Reservoir. Great Fun!

Life goes by fast. I wish for pacing! If you are reading this -I wish you a day of genuine joy and if you are running Hellgate in a mere 5 up well! You are ready beyond what you know! Nothing lasts forever and you are ready to thrive!!!!! I will be cheering for you from the south!


Rick Gray said...

Despite you ladies being able to get together, it certainly sounds like you had a great time with the first snow of the season. From what I have read, Beth, Jenny, JJ and Wolf banned together to go play on some of the Damascus trails. Tammy and I had a wonderful couple of hours during the late Saturday afternoon when we hit some local trails and at times were running through nearly a half a foot of slick wet white stuff. It certainly sounds like you made use of a great white weekend. We certainly appreciate your well wishes for Hellgate and we will all miss you. See you at Grossman's Over the Top. Rick

JJ Jessee said...

Yeah, wish we could have all landed in one spot. Beth and Jen got some great pictures of our outing.

Will be working at AS 2,5, & 8 this weekend.

I wore shorts too,
but I had tights on under them. ;)

jenn said...

no worries annette! I really hated it didn't work out! but I really think you made the right call! We were able to stay close to home, and everyone had good runs. the ELF WEAR is ON for "OVER THE TOP" and Grossman is cooking up a batch of chili and homebrew for post run! WOOOO!!!! i can't wait to run some trails and just being around your sunshiney demeanor annette! take care!! (((HUG))) LOVE your pictures of the snow! we'll have many more opportunities for me to get to come over and cuddle with mama gray:o) I am sure!!