Sunday, May 15, 2011

Training through bruising: Post race North Face Bear Mtn 50 Mile Run 2011

Mile 12ish (just prior to AS #2) Bear Mtn 50 Mile 2011 (5/7/2011) Photo from The North Face.

As noted in my last post, I had a clumsy bit during North Face Bear Mountain 50 Mile Run in New York last weekend on Saturday 5/7/2011.  X-rays and a quality physical exam showed no huge damage, yet 8 days later, I am still plagued by lingering inflammation, pain, reduced range of motion in my Left knee, and as a result am not running until more healing occurs.

A year or two ago, I would have tried to ignore this and not adjusted racing plans…Yet this week I pulled out of  Scienic Trail Marathon in Chattanooga that is on 5/21. So maybe instead of driving and racing I can make up for  the work I couldn’t kneel to do in my gardens this past weekend!

Sooo when you beat yourself up and can’t follow your plans… you get creative!

I having been working with Coach Howard Nippert for the past almost 1.5 years to assist me with my training. Assigned means what he set for me before bruising fall. When I started this week I limped each time I bent my knee, yet things are looking up! This is a recovery, not training, week! Reality notes what I did or plan to do!

I have adjusted my food intake just a little…no sugar/creamer in morning coffee and a serving less wine each day this week…And thankfully, sanity is  thus far,  prevailing!

Sun 5/8
Walk w/ Mom 4 miles slow on Mother’s Day
Mon 5/9
Cross Train
Walk 3.8 miles early am (plus airport miles) before flying back to NC
Tues 5/10
30 min run 40 min walk
½ mile swim, pool run for 10 minutes, 30 minutes flat walk
Wed 5/11
45 min run
45 min elliptical
Thurs 5/12
XT (cross train)
4.7 mile walk, flat
Fri 5/13
20 min run, 5X1 min w/ 1 min rec, 20 min w/d

Same yet done on elliptical at intensity 11.
Sat 5/14
40 min run
45 minute elliptical intensity 11
Sun 5/15
75 minute run
75 minute elliptical, 11
Mon  5/16
40 minute run
Planned 40 minute elliptical , ½ mile breaststroke and core

I'll adjust this coming weeks training in a like fashion with hopes to being back hiking/running on Saturday 5/21...Body will dictate, passion and enthusiasm will be adjusted!

How to you stay sane/ preserve fitness with a little set back such as this???? I am most curious! Please share!


Scotty K. said...

I had a similar experience last year, except my spill occurred in a parking lot and my knee hit a speed bump. Ended up taking about a month off with what the athletic trainers at the colleg I was working at diagnosed as knee bursitis. I did nothing but swam for that month, but had zero pain when I started running again.

test embarazo said...

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Rick Gray said...

Continue to stay patient. That is your ticket!

Sophie Speidel said...

I like swimming and pool running when I am recovering from a race or feeling gimpy---swim 500-1,000 yards and then pool run with a belt for 15-20 minutes. I also do core strength workouts about 2-3x week when time permits.

Hang in there and enjoy the extra time you have on the weekend in the garden and with your hubby!