Monday, May 30, 2011


49 bottles of fruit/veggie wine: blackberry, blackberry "port style", zucchini and raspberry...all grown and picked in Ashe County!
It occurred to me early this morning as I reflected on this past weekend, the 2 of the high points of the weekend had much in common. You may ask what does bottling 49 bottles of wine have to do with running a 10k after recovering from a bashed knee? 

Yep, patience.

Those of you who have been injured can relate to the often tortuous feeling of letting time do it’s magic You have to wait,  all the while doing what you need to do to facilitate healing, try to stay fit and not aggravate the area any more than necessary.

This week I eased back into running starting with 15 minutes earlier this week and ran a brand new local 10k this past Saturday: West Jefferson 5k/10k. Results here. On Sunday afternoon I finally got to bottle wine started last July! Wine making with all its racking and re-racking and sanitizing can be tedious and requires much waiting.
The garlic wine wasn't quite ready...still back into airlocked containers it had to go...(By the way, this will be used for cooking, rather than sipping. Even George and I aren't that hardcore!)
A group of local running buddies and new acquaintances. I ran a 37:37, yet it was a 5.6+ mile route, not a 10k!
 Now that I am back to running and the wine is in the bottles, true tests of self control lie ahead.
Can George and I be patient enough to let all (ok-at least most) of that wine age appropriately so it becomes really special, or will we be greedy and dip into the stores before the flavors and body have had a chance to mature?

Can I avoid being greedy by doing too much too soon and exercise patience and be conservative as my body continues to heal and as I get back into speed work and ultimately run in the Rothrock Challenge next weekend? I’d say the answer to the 2nd question is:


Rothrock Challenge is part of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup, a series I am participating in this year. I don’t have to run well, just participate and not get hurt and perhaps I’ll be strong again for remaining 2 series races I plan on later this summer: Vail Hill Climb 7/3 and Table Rock25k on 7/23.

We'll just see how George and I do with the answer to the 1st question!


Ryan Woods said...

Good to hear you aren't drinking that garlic wine! Nice job in NY and I'll see ya out west.

Rick Gray said...

yes - be patient on both fronts!

Steve Finnell said...

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annette bednosky said...

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