Monday, November 21, 2011

Adding on and Sharing Miles… Bit,by Bit!.

Beth Minnick and I Saturday at the Trillium Trail Races

I have dearly missed running these last 6 weeks. Yet I am thrilled to start to be back building mileage and continuing my hamstring rehab. Last month, I had my left leg extended to the clutch and right foot on the break at the time of impact when a Suburu hit our Toyota. The impact jarred the hamstring attachment and I took some time off. I am not yet back to training, but building base mileage and endurance for several weeks first.

Besides the freedom of running, beauty of the autumn season and tiring myself out at times, I’ve missed my running buddies. Although most of the time I enjoy my long runs solo, I can certainly get too much of my own company and thank others for their willing companionship.

For me running buddies range from very close, dear friends to trail running kindred spirits whom I see only a few times a year. Last weekend I shared the Appalachian Trail with a new acquaintance. This past Saturday I got to spend time with awesome running friends I haven’t seen in months and on Sunday, some local buddies from my town.

Saturday was the inagural Trillium Trail Races on the Campus of East Tennessee State University. 
The 10 mile race was 2  5 mile loops of squiggly mountain bike trail-slippery and fun!
The awesomeness of Beth and Rick Gray, post race

 There were many other trail friends to say hello to and chatter with before and after the run. I had some other errands to do in Johnson City that day and had to leave right after the race...but before leaving, I got a quick photo of some feet wearing Montrails:
Clockwise from bottom: Rick in Mountain Masochist, Annette in the new 2012 Bajada and Beth sporting Fairhavens
 I  am not sure of the official placing or times during the runs, yet many prizes were distributed-I know Beth and Rick won some things...and Rick emailed me this morning telling me I won a Mountain Hardwear backpack, gift certificate for Salomon shoes and pottery medal. I'll likely use these items as door prizes for the 2012 NRT 50k. Cool. It was not a big field...yet definitely something I hope the race director will build on and repeat next year.

Sunday, I joined Jackie and Jonathon for a run on Railroad Grade Road, a flat road near where I live. I know it well, as I have logging hundreds of miles on it earlier this year preparing for the flats of Winschoten, Netherlands. Jackie and Jonathon are brother and sister and both preparing for their 1st marathon in early 2012 in Charleston, SC.
Brother and sis with 14.5 miles down and 5.5 to go on Sunday!
Age doesn't matter with running buddies...I am 19 years older than Jackie and 29 years older than her brother. Yikes!
Jackie was a student of mine many years ago at Ashe County, she is now working, married, has a charming 3 year old and is seriously training to run a sub 3:30 marathon. I have no doubt she'll do it!  Jonathon is a junior at the high school. The three of us have run together intermittently since a little before the vehicle accident. I fully enjoyed our run on Sunday morning, especially since it was sunny and unseasonably warm. Yay sunshine! Brother and sister ran 20 miles, I called it quits at 15.8.

Several folks have asked "what's next" for me racing...Right now I am dearly enjoying getting back to it and doing my best not to overdo things too soon, too fast. I hope to outline a race plan for 2012 over Thanksgiving Break later this week. Running makes me happy and running with friends makes me happy too!



Rick Gray said...

It was truly wonderful to see you Saturday. It had been way too long. Hopefully this winter we can get a long group trail run in. We miss having you with us. This was a low key great first time race. Yea, they have some things that need changing, but for non-runners they did great. After all bikers don't know everything about running and vice-versa. Glad you had a good time and were able to run relaxed on some of our in-city trails. Your goodies go out in the mail today. Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon. Tell George hello too!

Sabrina Moran said...

Sorry to hear about that injury! Glad you're working your way back. You're an inspiration! --Sabrina

eminnick said...

Was great to see you Annette!