Monday, July 27, 2009


Dr. Rob (Vermont 100 race doc), my pacer Joy and I at mile 48ish of Vermont 100 last weekend when I was advised to drop due to pain the severe tendonitis would bring.

As I posted last week, I did not drop, and proudly limped in for a emotional finish. A little over a week later, my leg looks almost normal except for some evident swelling on my lower shin and ankle. Massive tendonitis (which was apparently upstaged by major cellulious which antibiotics took care of this past week). I did see 2 doctors about this.

Was it worth finishing? I think YES! Am I running? No way. Prob'ly not for another 3 weeks to be safe. Lots of icing and taping right now. And for fitness the elliptical trainer and my road bike.
Though I don't like being "not able" to do all I want, I am sorta relieved to have time off from running while still be able to be active. If my body is willing I'll ride a mountain century in mid August and hopefully be back on my feet in the way I love soon after that.

NPR did a 9 minute radio broadcast/story about the Vermont 100 and to my surprise they used some of my little drama! Check this out: Be sure to scroll down to the Vermont 100 link.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vermont 100 2009: a quick comment

Just had to get a Vermont "Ben and Jerry's" shot!
Me and awesome Joy Grossman, my pacer and guardian angel Sunday morning..(note red splotch on left leg).

Scenes in rural Vermont

Lincolnton Bridge mile mile 35ish?

It's been 60 hours or so since finishing Vermont 100 and I finally am starting to feel a little more human! A beautiful course, fair and challenging race and excellent organization.

I spent much of yesterday in a doctor's waiting room-seeking insight into what is going on with my leg-tendonitis, I thought. Yet now I am taking antibiotics for cellultious...Perhaps it is both...More on that when I know more.

My run at VT was unexpectedly challenging with whatever sort of "itis" this is kicking in around mile 40. Anyway, I did finish-with so many thanks to Joy, my most excellent pacer. My finish time was somewhere around 21:11 in 22nd place and 4th woman. Believe me, this is one race where place was not a concern after awhile-I was just glad to finish!

Go here for unofficial results for all runners:

I'll be back in NC tomorrow and write more. Today is all about driving and taking "ice my foot breaks!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip Part I

Readying to leave for road trip 10/9/09
Class reunion. (Chip, Kim and I used to work together all through HS cleaning cages at The North Fork Animal Hospital)

In just several hours starts the VT 100. I am so very psyched to get out there in the countryside and into the fabulous freedom of running!

The photos from above are part of my "road trip" thus far...the class reunion being great fun! And visiting my Mom and taking the ferry across LI sound...I have photos yet left my attachment to get photos to my Mac at my Moms. (I'll return there after tomorrow).

My 1st impressions of Vermont 100 are: beauty, rural, kick butt relentless hills (with some rockin' downhills), pastures...seems like every other road is named for a meadow, hill, or farm!

I camped my 1st night in VT...yet a screaming baby at the neighboring campsite and rain encouraged me to check in the motel where I am right now: Ottauquechee Motor Lodge just outside of Woodstock, NY, about 23 minutes driving from race start.

I am planning on a 9:30-10:00 per minute race pace...we'll see how it all goes. I am really looking forward to the fun and freedom of running!

Later-with cool photos, I hope!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To the Northeast or Bust!

Trying to decide what gear to bring to Vermont...
Peach wine freshly moved to secondary fermentation in our kitchen
JFK entry ready for 7/9/09 Postmark
One of our gardens going full-tilt boogie!
Peering at Mama Grey through the screen door

Tomorrow I leave for the Vermont 100…with an extended stop on Long Island to attend my 25th class reunion and visit with my Mom.

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post, during that time:

I discovered that DNFing from Highlands Sky was a good choice. Within four days after the fall I was back to running my regular mileage

Yesterday, after 3 consecutive days of 20-22 mile runs I started my “taper” for Vermont. After spending so much time running these past 2 months, I hardly know what to do with all my time and energy! (Packing at the moment!)

The last few weeks the gardens have come into being and we are harvesting swiss chard, cucumbers, and basil out of our vegetable garden.

This is peach season in the Southeast and we’re fermenting peach wine on our kitchen this week.

Tomorrow my registration for JFK 50 Miler goes in the mail.

Other good news-after “loosing” my crew and pacer to other life obligations, Joy Grossman from Woodstock, VT has agreed to pace me last 30 miles! Yay! (The Vermont Race Committee set this up for me-thank you John!) At this point, I plan on using drop bags to act as my crew.

I’ll write more on the road.