Sunday, September 27, 2009

Varied moods: MRI results and NRT 50k preparations and fun!

Tunnels, like this one on the New River Trail are scary and dark and cold, yet light is at the end...

I had a follow up appt with my doctor on Thursday morning to get the results of the 2 MRIs taken on Monday. First let me say, if am ever a doctor (Not!) I vow not to make my patients wait 1.5 hours past their appointment times to see them if I am not dealing with a crisis! And I vow to be ready for my patient instead of spending 20 minutes to load MRI’s and look for radiologist reports. And I vow not to mislead my patient by exaggerating my skills as a professional.

OK. So there, now I have vented about my frustrating day on Thursday. My appointment was not very informative. There is ample swelling around and on top of my ankle. That is all doctor could tell me. Apparently nothing showed on the tibial MRI. Doctor suggested more rest. I said fine but I wanted to know what else I could do-after all, what was the real problem? I’d been “resting” for 2 months, and after the 1st 3 weeks of loss of swelling and increased range of motion-there have been no improvements-what could we do that was more aggressive? We had a discussion-emotional for me and I think I tried doctor’s patience with some of my questions I had prepared.

Anyway, I am going to Morganton, NC 10/1 to see a Foot/Ankle specialist who comes highly recommended by a marathon runner friend of mine…If I have to stop running at least I want to know WHY!

During the last several weeks I’ve spent many hours on the New River Trail-re measuring and looking to get more exact than last year about distance. I am darn sure that this year the measurement is accurate within 1/20th of a mile.
New River Trail State Park advertises 5.5 miles from Fries Junction to Fries. My measuring says 5.33 miles

We have 114 folks registered right now. Yippeee! An age mix from 20’s to 70’s…

Today I’ll be spending more time working on aid station stuff. Last year we had way too much food and drink-thankfully I have notes about what was not used and will make adjustments to this years plan based on what was used last year.

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of running (maybe not smart due to my foot issue, yet fun) on the New River Trail with 3 other women from Jefferson and West Jefferson, NC. Carrie, Julie and Meredith are all training for the Outer Banks Marathon on 11/8/09. I joined them with the intention of running with them to Fries Junction, setting a piece of flagging tape for the Park Service for NRT 50k course measurement and returning directly to my car. Instead, we ran together-I did my “errand” on the short out ‘n back and caught up with the others as they turned around just south of the Gambetta road crossing. Carrie who has run several marathons and with whom I sometimes train with, picked up the pace some as we ran back just the 2 of us. What a great time!
Me, Carrie,Julie and Meredith at 7:30am in the rain getting ready to run on the
New River Trail out of Fries, VA

My foot felt okay-I know it is not right-still swollen even after icing it for 45 minutes-yet those 18 miles were fabulous! The rest of my body is hurting somewhat ‘cause I am very much out of running shape.
End of run...Congrat's to Julie for her longest run ever!

My Mountain Masochists drying out after their first run over 5 miles. (I got them a few weeks women's color for 2010...I wear men's 9 usually-yet these women's 10.5 feel terrific too!)

Thank you to Carrie, Julie and Meredith for your fine company-and congratulations to Julie for running her longest distance ever!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life is still good, even with temporary limitations...

Michele and I celebrating a learning curve during Labor Day weekend with George looking on!

Just a quick little update.

George and Mama Grey and the rest of my family are doing great. George and I spent Labor Day weekend hanging out with Ron and Michele-my brother and sister-in-law. We rented a cabin in North Georgia and paddled and I walked alot and rode my bike and evenings found us cooking, eating and having more fun together. Awesome!

I am riding my bike and walking and doing some running. What I thought back in July to be tendinitis may be more complicated. For over 40 days I did not run. Then I thought I’d go stir crazy and finally made an appt to see my doctor again.

Even my doc, upon hearing my report of a non-running lifestyle still seemed to be puzzled about the persistent inflammation of my joint and tibia above. Perhaps it just needs a shot of steroids to bring down the swelling all at once…or perhaps there is another underlying condition?

I have an MRI scheduled for 9/21. Four days ago I started taking Celebrex-samples doc gave me and I certainly improving and have even done an 11-mile run and 5 and then 6 mile run without ill effect since starting on the medicine. Only problem is my insurance won’t cover it. (Despite it being the only anti inflammatory that has EVER helped any soft tissue injury I’ve had!) Sooo…doc is going to go to bat for me with insurance and in the meantime I have 4 more days of samples and since I have a prescription, I may be able to order the generic for a reasonable amount from Canada?

Certainly this lingering injury has been frustrating. And it is causing me to really do reflection and soul searching. I love ultra running and don’t want to quit…yet for 2 years in a row I have run into mysterious body mechanicals… and I vow to discover what in my psyche and / or physical composition is causing these issues?

This fall I plan to take some swimming lessons in Boone. I want to do some triathlons next year… I think having a couple of those scheduled will force me into cross training!

I also am beginning to accept I need to create a lifestyle overhaul-mostly around the idea of stress reduction and change of diet to be more attentive to quality of foods rather than ease of preparation. Think switch from Diet Mtn Dew, red wine, 3 musketeer bars and pb &j sandwiches to more quality food. None of the before mentioned items need to “go”…yet quantities reduced to make room for quality calories and nutrition. There is a Weight Watchers group starting where I work. For a bit I’d been considering joining as the structure and membership dues might help keep me accountable to a healthy diet overhaul…yet since I am already at my “target weight” according to their charts, I don’t think I’d be allowed.

Plans for me race directing the 2nd annual New River Trail 50k on 10/10/09 are full tilt boogie. 107 registered runners as of this evening.

My focus now is climbing out of my silly funk and educating myself future about my body and doing good things and spending time with good people and hopefully helping some of the young people at the high school where I work. Annette has climbed out of her cave and has the courage for whatever comes next!