Saturday, August 18, 2007

Laurel Valley 2007

This photo is courtesy of Irene Baker.
Laurel Valley 30mile-or 35 mile run-depending on your references happened 1 week ago. Due to craziness of canning fresh produce and dealing with working more hours during these last 2 weeks of school (yes-we started public school with students in Ashe County NC on 8/8/07!)

I didn't know what to expect. It was hot in the NC mountains where I live. 90+ degrees and I knew it would be hot down in SC. The day before Greenville set a record with 105! Ouch! Laurel Valley was to be my kick off run into serious fall training for events like Iron Mountain 50M and Mtn Masochist 50M. I wasn't trained-not really. After WS100 I have been concentrating on the bike with the idea of riding well at the Brutal 100 in my current hometown on 8/11/07,-that would meen taking 1/2 hour off my best time. So..although I have run some-not more than 100 miles since WS100 on JUne 24. I have however put in many hours of biking.

One week make a long story short...Night before the run I slept at Laurel Mountain Inn (awesome place 45min from the end) and met folks for a shuttle at 5am at the run's terminus at Whitewater FAlls. (The trail is in SC...and road in NC!...)

We started at 6:30am. My goal was to spend as little time on the trail as possible. Ironic isn't it...what I love so much-pure trail running....I want to finish up! Go figure. Personal challenge and even low-key competition are fine motivators for the author of this rambling blog!

I can some my experience of LV in a few words: Fun! Hot! Frustrating! Hot! Fun! Holy Cow...this is the finish! This low-key event is one of my favorites due to it's remotness and need for self sufficiency...I purposely don't study the map, or plan a stragedy-because I simply want to run with how I feel and experience the day as it unfolds....Laurel Valley is a celebration of wildness, roadlessness, the human spirit and the gift of RD Claude Sinclaire and his volunteers and sweeps...

My most consistent companion of the day was my Nuun tablets. I was able to produce a CR at 6:29:32. I attribute that to rest (biking instead of running)-having a good attitude and my Nuun tablets. They are a team sponsor and a great product. No calories, but flavored electrolyte replacements. I took no plain H2O, but every t ime I scooped agua out of a little creek-I added a tablet and viola! A minute later I was replentishing! I don't mean to sound like a commercial-yet I will now be more religous about my consumption of these tablets during hot events. If you are reading this and plan to be in attendence at any event I am planning to me and I'll bring you a sample.. .these little treasures are too good to keep secret.

I enjoyed Laurel VAlley. You can't space out. YOu must think and be alert to stay on course. I got blisters. So much for pretty pink toes in my sandles to work. After this run (as I go into training for fall events..."hello clogs!". Hide those feet in every way!)

Sigh. I rode the Blue Ridge Brutal 100 + assult on Mtn Jefferson today and am wasted. Tomorrow I plan on a miniture post about that cycling event!