Saturday, August 18, 2007

Laurel Valley 2007

This photo is courtesy of Irene Baker.
Laurel Valley 30mile-or 35 mile run-depending on your references happened 1 week ago. Due to craziness of canning fresh produce and dealing with working more hours during these last 2 weeks of school (yes-we started public school with students in Ashe County NC on 8/8/07!)

I didn't know what to expect. It was hot in the NC mountains where I live. 90+ degrees and I knew it would be hot down in SC. The day before Greenville set a record with 105! Ouch! Laurel Valley was to be my kick off run into serious fall training for events like Iron Mountain 50M and Mtn Masochist 50M. I wasn't trained-not really. After WS100 I have been concentrating on the bike with the idea of riding well at the Brutal 100 in my current hometown on 8/11/07,-that would meen taking 1/2 hour off my best time. So..although I have run some-not more than 100 miles since WS100 on JUne 24. I have however put in many hours of biking.

One week make a long story short...Night before the run I slept at Laurel Mountain Inn (awesome place 45min from the end) and met folks for a shuttle at 5am at the run's terminus at Whitewater FAlls. (The trail is in SC...and road in NC!...)

We started at 6:30am. My goal was to spend as little time on the trail as possible. Ironic isn't it...what I love so much-pure trail running....I want to finish up! Go figure. Personal challenge and even low-key competition are fine motivators for the author of this rambling blog!

I can some my experience of LV in a few words: Fun! Hot! Frustrating! Hot! Fun! Holy Cow...this is the finish! This low-key event is one of my favorites due to it's remotness and need for self sufficiency...I purposely don't study the map, or plan a stragedy-because I simply want to run with how I feel and experience the day as it unfolds....Laurel Valley is a celebration of wildness, roadlessness, the human spirit and the gift of RD Claude Sinclaire and his volunteers and sweeps...

My most consistent companion of the day was my Nuun tablets. I was able to produce a CR at 6:29:32. I attribute that to rest (biking instead of running)-having a good attitude and my Nuun tablets. They are a team sponsor and a great product. No calories, but flavored electrolyte replacements. I took no plain H2O, but every t ime I scooped agua out of a little creek-I added a tablet and viola! A minute later I was replentishing! I don't mean to sound like a commercial-yet I will now be more religous about my consumption of these tablets during hot events. If you are reading this and plan to be in attendence at any event I am planning to me and I'll bring you a sample.. .these little treasures are too good to keep secret.

I enjoyed Laurel VAlley. You can't space out. YOu must think and be alert to stay on course. I got blisters. So much for pretty pink toes in my sandles to work. After this run (as I go into training for fall events..."hello clogs!". Hide those feet in every way!)

Sigh. I rode the Blue Ridge Brutal 100 + assult on Mtn Jefferson today and am wasted. Tomorrow I plan on a miniture post about that cycling event!


Bedrock said...

Congrats again on the CR at Laurel Valley. That is a very impressive feat, particularly in the temps this year. Good luck with your fall schedule. See you at Masochist.

Olga said...

Wow, congrats, and thanks for your words on NUUN. After PCT 50/50 in OR gave them out on the course, we have many converts as well. Guess I won't be drinking much pure water at CCC100:)

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