Thursday, May 24, 2007

another post...

Sigh. At this point I am soo relieved that HS graduation will behind me/us in less than 24 hours...I did a 50 min workout on the elliptical trainer this am, followed by a 4.6 mile run after work...Tired. That is the most honest word I will use. I look forward to the coming soon days where running will seem more fun and less like a PT job!
Ahhhhh. Nothing lasts forever!!

A new blog

Back in February I started a blog on another site. Even with the encouragement of friends I never updated it. Now my high school counseling job is winding down for the summer and I have committed to myself to post regulary and learn how to use this technology!
I am sooo relieved with the ending of the school year where I work at Ashe County High School. Graduation is tomorrow night and I hungrily anticipate another full training weekend and running off the stress of the school year. Nick Whited and I plan 24 miles around Damascus on Sat and I plan 3 laps around the 10.5 mile firetower loop at Moses Cone to further train my quads for Western States next month.
On the "injury" end of things...I have made inquiry today about getting some iontophoresis treatments for that darn hamstring...For now I am dealing with symptom management, yet have made contacts with the folks at UVA Speed Clinic. to continue to try and get to the real problem.