Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rockmont Relay 2009: 12 Hour Solo

Photos above are from Montreat files showing parts of the relay course.

I left home in Jefferson NC at 6:12am 5/30/09 for the 2.5 hour drive to Black Mountain to run the 2009 Rockmont Relay scheduled to start at 10am. Several days prior to the event, I spoke with race director Richard Handy who informed me the event, due to severe erosive conditions had to be moved. The new venue would be the Black Mountain Campus of Montreat College.

Arriving with plenty of time to “build” an aid station, I hauled plastic folding table, canopy, chair, cooler, fluids, baubles and misc stuff and food down the hill and into the field which was tent city. (And also the start/finish/ handoff/timing center). The event information advertised a community dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday-so with this being primarily a relay event (though I later learned there were approx 35 registered solo runners) I brought everything I needed and more.

I hoped I find a kindred spirit or two to share my space. Very quickly Scot Hayward and Richard Lily and I had a great little space. (Both these guys and I have shared trail/pavement for many wonderful and excruciating hours in different venues! Richard, like me would run the 12 hour. Scot the 24. Richard would crew for Scot after the completion of the 12 hour. I would wish everyone well, and go home!

Many teams gathered. Scot and I met Brian from Gainsville, GA running his first solo 12 hour. I hope the advice we shared about lueco tape and body glide worked for him! Allison Bryant was there. I briefly said hi to long time acquaintance and super cool woman Erin Sommers…there were other familiar faces and many new young (1/3 my age young faces who were undoubtedly the fast boys and girls on the big teams!)

I wont’ say much about my “plans” or approach. Just to keep running for 12 hours. I didn’t know the course or how my body and attitude would do. Just I wanted to run ‘till the end. Vaguely I expected 100k if the terrain wasn’t too technical. So I ran.

The first 4 hours, I ran every step, averaging just less than 30 min per loop. I drank 1 20oz bottle of Clif, water or Nuun every 2 laps. I ate pretzels, Clif Shot Blocks, Clif gels, almond butter /apple butter sandwich quarters and parts of a Clif Bar and a few fig bars throughout. By 2pm it was warmer. I took time to add ice and choose 2 uphill sections of the course to hike. Not long sections but helpful. I dunked my body and shirt in a creek to try and stay cool. The “intestinal over activity” (i.e. diarrhea) I’d experienced vaguely earlier started to kick in and I felt like I was spending more time collecting leaves and finding discreet places off the trail each lap than running. I was frustrated.

The course was fun! A mixture of flat trails, trails with roots and inclines, gravel roads, grassy fields, packed dirt trails and a tiny bit of paved path. The course was wonderfully varied-and as the hours passed the challenges became predictable. The color I remember is vivid spring green! The smell: honeysuckle! The sounds: The wind, cheers from a nearby ball park and bass vibrations of the bands playing at this event! The smell: the drying mud hole in the weedy fields! The sights: runners from teenage to those of us with hair dye and wrinkles frolicking and slogging around the 3.17miles for hours at a time.

Eventually my physical discomfort got the best of me. And after debating for a couple hours, I took a dose of Imodium (anti-diarrhea medicine). I didn’t know how many to take so I started with one. After 1.5 more hours, there was little improvement and I ate another. This triggered some change and although my situation was far from ideal, I could keep plugging away.

I ran a bit with many people: Lucy, Charlie, Drew, Anita, Tracey, Allison, a few young men from Sage Academy to name a few. Richard Lilly and I spent the most trail time together. I don’t know him well off trail, yet on the trail he is a tough runner and fun companion-we spent time together this year already at Freedom Park 24-Hour and Frosty 50k.

The 12 hours did past quickly. I listened to my ipod for parts of the last 3 laps. I was joined by Melinda from the winning 12 hour team during the last ½ mile because her flashlight quit. She was anxious because she wanted to get in with enough time for her teammate to make one more lap. We both finished strong and got in at 11:37. (9:37pm) Her teammate took off (he finished the lap with a minute to spare!). Since partial laps in this set up were not possible, I was finished with a total of 22 laps or 69.74 miles.

Richard was the 1st solo guy with 21 laps or 66.57miles.
I think Anita and Allison were 2nd and 3rd…yet I pitifully don’t remember their mileage!

The team mentioned above ran 30 laps or 95.1 miles.

I have little information on the 24-Hour Race and results are not yet posted (6/2 10am EST) on the race website.,however partial results are online at Asheville Citizen Times.

For me this was good prep for Vermont 100 and a day of fun in the Western North Carolina Mountains.


Brett said...

"Richard was the 1st solo guy with 21 laps or 66.57 miles."How humble of you - that means you were first overall, right? :)

Jiminy Christmas 70 miles on a bad stomach!

Coach Spencer said...

Sounds like a good time when you weren't "gathering leaves." I ran a 55 mile chunk last year at Rockmont as part of a 3 person team. Vowed never to go back (was there the previous year too) because of a nasty long knee-crushing downhill that got to me on each loop. The Montreat loop sounds more fun.

annette bednosky said...

Yes, Brett-
I was 1st overall-I really am not that humble-just writing fast and not thinking!
Yeah the bad stomach thing was icky-yet who knows? Maybe it slowed me down enough not to get overworked?

And to speak to knee crushing-none of that here-one tiny portion of steep downhill pavement...The Rockmont course sounds wayyy tougher! Yes I liked the "untoughness" of this course too!

Rick Gray said...

Sounds like a tough tummy day, but it sounds like an excellent warm up for Vermont. Congratulations on a wonderful run. Rick

runamanda said...

Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Your 12 hour distance beat the 1st place woman 24 hour distance by 6 miles.


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